Twitch: Because of Cosplay from DrDisRespect - Streamer is not allowed to participate in the tournament

Twitch: Because of Cosplay from DrDisRespect - Streamer is not allowed to participate in the tournament


Another Twitch Rival took place on Tuesday, where streamers from around the world competed in Call of Duty: Warzone. YouTuber Zack "ZLaner" Lane was invited and ready to fight with his squad for prize money of 75,000 US dollars. A few hours before the esports tournament, however, ZLaner received a sudden cancellation from Twitch. Behind this is probably a cosplay from DrDisRespect, which the streamer wore.

Recommended editorial content Here you will find external content from [PLATTFORM]. To protect your personal data, external integrations are only displayed if you confirm this by clicking on "Load all external content": Load all external content I consent to external content being displayed to me. This means that personal data is transmitted to third-party platforms. Read more about our privacy policy . External content More on this in our data protection declaration. It's been almost a year since Guy Beahm was banned on Twitch in his role as DrDisRespect. To this day, fans and viewers have not received an official reason. In the meantime he has switched to YouTube Gaming, where he has already collected over 3.42 million subscribers. There will probably not be a comeback on Twitch. Recently, DrDisRespect also played more often with ZLane, who also broadcasts on YouTube - but can also be seen on Twitch every now and then. Zack Lane does not yet have an exclusive contract.

Details about the expulsion at Twitch Rivals were not given. It looks like it has something to do with his connection to DrDisRespect and cosplay. E-sports journalist Jake Lucky also reported on the topic and cites the doc connection as the main reason. ZLaner also gave Jake Lucky's tweet a like. Twitch has been the focus of numerous debates over the past few weeks. This also included the gaming streams, against which partners of the platform are now also calling for action.

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