Super Bomberman R Online downloaded 3 million times

Super Bomberman R Online downloaded 3 million times

Konami reported that Super Bomberman R Online has been downloaded 3 million times. The Japanese publisher wanted to thank gamers for the success, both with a message on Twitter and with a nice gift: anyone who has played or will play Super Bomberman R Online before 25 July 2021 will receive 500 Bomber Coins for free.

Super Bomberman R Online is a battle royale where players fight trying to kill others with their bomb blasts. Initially released on Stadia, it was then released on PC, Xbox One, PS4 and Nintendo Switch.

If you want more information, read our review of Super Bomberman R Online, in which we wrote:

Generally speaking Super Bomberman R Online is a great pastime, to which you return from time to time to play a few games. The game system works very well and intelligently allows you to play fast matches (the games last about ten minutes even if you finish first), without weighing the player down for hours. Certainly a little bit of substance is missing, as the whole experience runs out in one way, but it's still a successful product.

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