Steam, Games in Italy discounts available: here are all the offers on PC games

Steam, Games in Italy discounts available: here are all the offers on PC games

Steam, Games in Italy discounts available

New discounts and offers are now available on Steam through the Games in Italy promotion, promoted by IIDEA, the trade association of the video game industry in Italy. The offer includes more than 150 products, including PC games and additional digital content, made by over 70 Italian development studios.

You can find the Games in Italy discounts on Steam, at this address.

The Games in Italy promotion is part of the program of activities envisaged as part of First Playable, the main international B2B event in Italy on game business organized by IIDEA and Toscana Film Commission which is underway today and tomorrow. The goal is to give more and more visibility to Italian titles at an international level and make them known to players from all over the world. The duration of Games in Italy, however, will extend beyond the borders of First Playable and will end on the evening of Monday, July 5.

Games in Italy: Steam discounts on Italian PC games Among the Steam offers we can find four main categories :

Featured offers: which offer us discounts on bestsellers such as Close to the Sun, Redout, The Town of Light, Remothered: Tormented Fathers Other Games in Italy: which include all titles Steam on offer right now Coming Soon: dedicated to upcoming games, such as RiMS Racing, Vesper and Baldo; in total we are talking about 25 Extra Content games: numerous additional contents such as expansions, artbooks or soundtracks

Finally, we also recommend the Steam Summer Sale: the best under 10 €.

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Best racing games deals on Steam Summer Fest: Forza Horizon 4, F1 2020, Wreckfest, and more

The annual Steam Summer Sale is here and is God’s blessing to budget-stricken gamers. You can get some very recently published titles from various genres tagging along massive discounts. Fans of the racing genre also have many titles to shuffle through before the discounts cease on July 8. Hence, if you have waited to try your hands on that shiny Forza Horizon 4, now is the time. Also Read - Forza Horizon 4 to get its last hurrah with Series 38 update before Horizon 5 release

However, the Steam Summer Sale has a lot of racing games on offer with tempting prices and you may have a hard time choosing your favourites. Some of these titles are hardcore simulators and require dedicated hardware setups like wheels and racing seats. Since you are shopping with a limited budget, we have handpicked some games that only need a controller or a keyboard, and are great fun over the weekend. Also Read - Steam Summer Sale 2021: Up to 80 percent discount on PUBG, Battlefield V, Forza Horizon 4, and more

Forza Horizon 4

If you love cars, you need to get Forza Horizon 4 at all costs. The game is available at Rs 649, which is a bargain by all means given what it offers. Forza Horizon 4 offers a meticulously detailed replica of Britain to roam and race around with some of the most stunning cars mankind has ever seen. This one is a must-have for weekend driving enthusiasts, despite Horizon 5 on the horizon. Also Read - Best free games to try on Steam during COVID-19 lockdown

F1 2020F1 2020 screenshot

F1 2020 screenshot

F1 2020 screenshot

If you love racing to the core and want an immersion on the same level as Lewis Hamilton, then F1 2020 is for you. It is selling at Rs 324, which is the lowest it has ever sold at since its launch. The My Team mode is a joy for Formula 1 fanatics while newbies can still experience Michael Schumacher’s 2004 Ferrari whooshing past Monza’s straights with all the aids helping to keep it on track. This is at least a one-time play.

Dirt 5

Dirt 5 is only a few months old yet it is available at a bonkers discounted price of Rs 519. Dirt 5 brings some rally madness with modern day graphics in ray tracing goodness. A must-have game for rally fans and arcade racers.

Road Redemption

At Rs 185, Road Redemption brings back the nostalgia of Road Rash from the 90s in modern-day graphics but same old-school fun. If you loved Road Rash, you cannot moss this deal.

Project Cars 2

At Rs 449, Project Cars 2 brings along professional grade racing experience but without enough leeway to let casual players have fun. The track selection and rally mode are immense fun for driving enthusiasts.


At Rs 569, Wreckfest is a superb deal if you love demolition derby. You get all the racing thrills multiplied by a million times with the most impressive damage system. Plus, the weird variety of cars will get kids happy ramming other players.

Need for Speed Rivals

At Rs 249, Need for Speed Rivals is a great deal if you love good old-fashioned police chases and battles while driving exotic Italian cars in scenic worlds. Rivals is way better than modern NFS titles like Heat and Payback in terms of ultimate gameplay fun.

Crew 2

At Rs 449, Crew 2 is more akin to Forza Horizon 4 but involves motorcycles and boats alongside cars to explore the vast map of America. The game frequently keeps getting content updates to keep players interested.

Ride 4

At Rs 649, Ride 4 is for motorcycle enthusiasts wanting to race around tracks leaning on the latest Ducatis and Hondas of the world in beautiful weather and stunning graphics.

Moto GP 21

At Rs 769, Moto GP 21 is for hardcore racers who are looking to take entire control over the bike, including how to lean in corners and manage rear tire temperatures.