Sifu: New Art Gallery Action Scenes Unveiled on Twitter

Sifu: New Art Gallery Action Scenes Unveiled on Twitter


SloClap showed new Sifu action scenes via Twitter. As you can see for yourself below, "by popular request" the development team shared this new fight scene tied to a female character. This is a new sequence in the Art Gallery, one of the areas of the game that already appeared in a previous video.

SloClap, remember, is the development team of Absolver, another action game based on hand-to-hand combat, based on a wide world and on multiplayer. Sifu, on the other hand, is a more story-based game and follows the story of a Kung-Fu student who sets out in search of revenge in different areas of the city.

In Sifu, in addition to hand-to-hand combat, we will also be able to exploit the environment to gain an advantage: for example, we will be able to throw objects or use improvised weapons. As players progress through each other, they will be able to learn new techniques and skills to achieve victory.

Sifu is coming to PC (via Epic Games Store), PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 this year. Here is the gameplay trailer from the IGN Expo of E3 2021.

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Sifu Clip Showcases More Gallery Combat Gameplay


SloClap showcased some more gameplay from its upcoming action fighter Sifu on Twitter. By popular request, the protagonist is shown combating foes in the gallery. Along with pulling an enemy to the side, the player can also slide into and trip them up before finishing off another foe with a counterattack of sorts.

If the combat looks familiar, it’s because SloClap previously delivered Absolver, another action fighting game with a more open-ended premise. Sifu is more story-focused with a young Kung-Fu student pursuing revenge, venturing to different areas in the city – from suburbs to skyscrapers – to battle enemies. It seems that there’s only one day to exact revenge though the circumstances aren’t yet known.

Along with hand-to-hand combat, the player can use the environment to gain an edge, from throwing objects to utilizing them as improvised weapons. As players progress, they’ll learn new techniques and skills to overwhelm their foes. Sifu is currently slated to release this year for PS4, PS5 and PC via the Epic Games Store. Stay tuned for more details in the meantime.