Sanpei the Fisher Boy - Tribute Edition coming this fall

Sanpei the Fisher Boy - Tribute Edition coming this fall

Perhaps, to the youngest among us, the name of Sanpei Mihira may not mean much, but for those who lived through the 80s and 90s to the full, the name of the "Boy Fisherman" (of which you can buy a t-shirt at theme at this link) is clearly printed in the memory! For everyone, whether you are part of the "old" or "new" guard, it is instead the news that Star Comics has decided to re-release a very luxurious version of the manga, entitled Sanpei the Fisher Boy - Tribute Edition.

This new edition of this fundamental classic of turn of the century pop culture, will be released starting next November to commemorate the first anniversary of the death of Takao Yaguchi, the mangaka "father" of Sanpei (or Sampei, as translated in Italian editions).

Sanpei the Fisher Boy - Tribute Edition will consist of 12 volumes in extra format, and will film all the most exciting adventures of Japan's most skilled fisherman. We will then see our Sanpei struggling with monstrous fish, ancient legends, challenges to the limit of the impossible and various dangers, all faced with his now legendary irony and with his spirit of adaptation and inventiveness that, episode after episode, has contributed to making Sanpei, a simple country boy fond of rod fishing, a real legend!

Accompanied by his paternal grandfather Ippei, and by the mysterious and talented Gyoshin, Sanpei will confront himself once again with fishing situations at the limit of the impossible, learning in the meantime new techniques and real philosophies of life, thus using fishing as an excuse for personal growth not only interior.

So we just have to wait for autumn, to be able to enjoy this Sanpei the Fisher Boy - Tribute Edition, going to rediscover one of the most mythical characters of our childhood or, why not, discovering a new and very interesting hero, able to give us hours and hours of pure fun.