Porsche aims to build 100 charging stations by 2025

Porsche aims to build 100 charging stations by 2025

The car manufacturer Porsche would now seem willing to follow Tesla's example, thus aiming at the creation of its own charging network, to be reserved exclusively for its customers and to be placed along the main European roads and motorways, thus offering a refueling service that would avoid to wait for annoying queues.

Following previous announcements by the Stuttgart-based company, new details arrive on the projects implemented by Porsche directly from the German press. The Zuffenhuasen company would in fact intend to build 100 fast charging stations for its electric cars by 2025 and, in order to complete the project as soon as possible, the car manufacturer would also have involved some of its partners.

According to what was released by the German press, the company is working on a pilot project that would involve about 15 dealerships. In fact, the objectives include the experimentation of a reservation system, which is essential to allow users on board a Porsche car to be able to book recharging via their smartphone.

Not surprisingly, wanting to create a fast charging network on the model of the US company Tesla, in addition to being important, it demonstrates how Porsche now wants to accelerate plans by offering its customers an important added value following the purchase of an electric car. The German press also announced that the German manufacturer could use those already made by Porsche Engineering for the charging stations, currently present in the Porsche Turbo Charging station installed in the city of Leipzig.

Let's not forget that Porsche has been working for several months now on cells equipped with silicon anodes, replacing graphite, in order to obtain a decidedly higher energy density and consequently a better fast charging capacity.

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