Sabrent Plotripper is the SSD born to farm Chia

Sabrent Plotripper is the SSD born to farm Chia

The mining of CHIA, the new cryptocurrency that is tempting to many since it does not exploit the computing power of graphics cards to be mined, but rather the capacity of HDDs and SSDs, has already created a reputation as a "hard disk destroyer" and the like. On the other hand, it is not for everyone to be able to consume a 512 GB SSD in just 40 days, but now we can do anything with it. All this seems to be of little interest to Sabrent, who created a specific SSD (Plotripper) for the mining of this crypto.

In reality, this new SSD designed by Sabrent was born precisely to cope with the extreme use by CHIA and from the very high amounts of data that are written on the disks to be able to undermine it: if a standard SSD for the consumer market offers an average duration of 3,000 TBW (Terabytes Written), the new 2TB Plotripper and Plotripper Pro promise to reach 10,000 respectively TBW and 54,000 TBW. Definitely amazing numbers, which are most likely reached by relying on the Phison E18 controller.

If so, the performance of these SSDs should be within the average of PCIe 4.0 devices: this means that in order to make the most of their potentiality it will be necessary to install a Rocket Lake or Ryzen 3000 CPU and later, with support for the standard.

But let's talk about prices: Sabrent has not yet released detailed information, simply saying that the suggested price is definitely optimal if you they evaluate the performances offered by the product. Based on this, it is quite easy to understand how the new Plotripper will be anything but cheap, but if the performance were in line with expectations, the solution proposed by Sabrent would still be cheaper than the large number of "classic" SSDs that are available. would buy instead.

The 512GB Sabrent Rocket NVMe is currently on sale on Amazon!