Fallout 76: New update eliminates the annoying spawn bug - and more

Fallout 76: New update eliminates the annoying spawn bug - and more

Fallout 76

Bethesda has kept its word and recently released update for the online game Fallout 76. This is especially interesting because it fixes some particularly annoying bugs that fans have been complaining about for some time. Among other things, the update takes care of a problem that prevents enemies from spawning correctly and thus caused some chaos and confusion. Due to this bug, it was not possible to complete certain challenges in which you had to defeat a certain number of opponents within a given time window.

Furthermore, there is a bug that caused this that a weapon sound is played in a continuous loop, which can logically be very annoying. There are also numerous other fixes, changes and optimizations in various areas of Fallout 76 (buy now / € 35.99). You can find the full patch notes on the Bethesda official website. Here is a small excerpt:

Excerpt from the patch notes for Fallout 76 v1.5.3.10

Controls: An error has been fixed that caused the controls to sometimes stop responding after the player tried to switch to a natural power armor that has surfaced in the world. Emotes: If the laugh emote is equipped, it now appears in the "Other" area of ​​the emote wheel instead of "Trade". Map: The map now retains the player's last zoom level when reopened. Map: When attempting to respawn, "Select respawn point" now correctly appears at the top of the map. Nuclear missiles: A bug has been fixed which prevented the marking of the protection zone on the map when using the target computer. Game Board: The reward for Rank 100 on the Season 4 Game Board no longer has blank thumbnails. Social: Fixed a bug that could prevent a player from scrolling through the friends list. Mark for search: The magnifying glass symbol is no longer affected by item names if a component containing these items has been marked for search. Vending Machines: When previewing a player vending machine on the map, clothing will now appear in its own category separately from armor. Source: Bethesda

Fallout 76 Update Fixes Combat, C.A.M.P. Problems

Fallout 76 got a new update this week from Bethesda to address some of the problems players have been having regarding different systems like combat, C.A.M.P. setups, and more. The update’s patch notes contain a multitude of fixes and other improvements for the game, but there aren’t any huge new features to try out or anything like that. For that sort of content, you’ll want to head to the game’s test servers to preview some of the new Brotherhood of Steel content that was added there recently.

The only section of the Fallout 76 patch notes the update contains is for “Bug Fixes and Improvements,” so that tells you not to expect anything too major from this patch since there haven’t been any game-breaking bugs circulating the Internet to speak of. Still, the changes are notable if you’ve been having problems with different areas of the game, so they’re worth looking over to see if those issues have been fixed.

Fallout 76 players can find the full set of patch notes for the latest update below.


  • Apparel: The Brotherhood of Steel Infantry Uniform no longer clips through the Super Mutant Outfit.
  • Apparel: Underarmors no longer clip through the West Virginia Drifter Outfit.
  • Headwear: The Pip-Boy light now shines in the correct direction while wearing the Brotherhood Tactical Ops Mask.
  • Lights: Street Lamps now play the correct visual effects when destroyed.
  • Lights: Light from Street Lamps now correctly shines in all directions.
  • Power Armor: Adjusted Raider Marauder Power Armor so that it no longer obstructs part of the player’s view in first-person.
  • Power Armor: The Yukon Five logo now displays correctly on the Commissioner Chaos Power Armor Torso after leaving the Modify menu.
  • Power Armor: Arm and hip plates now animate correctly when entering Warhead Power Armor.
  • Statues: The Brotherhood Infantry Statue now plays the correct visual effects when destroyed.
  • Wall Décor: Spaces on the Framed Cold Steel Gameboard are now blank, instead of displaying placeholder icons.
  • Weapons: The Gold Handmade Rifle Paint no longer appears stretched when applied to an attached Suppressor Mod.

  • Exploit: Addressed a Blueprint exploit related to C.A.M.P. Slots.
  • Exploit: Fixed an item duplication exploit.
  • Floor Décor: Slightly increased the crafting requirements for Area Rugs, which were lower than intended. Crafting now requires 3 Cloth and 2 Rubber.
  • Generators: The Downed Plane Generator can now be built by players who own it after learning the Large Generator Plan or the Windmill Generator Plan, instead of just the Windmill Generator.
  • Structures: The “Repair All Structures” option no longer appears greyed out if a player’s Beehive has been destroyed.

  • VATS: Successful VATS attacks now correctly deal damage to other players during PvP combat.

  • Objectives: Fixed an issue that could cause objective markers from other quests to appear in Daily Ops instances.

  • Spawning: Fixed an issue that prevented enemies from respawning correctly.

  • Armor: Paints can now be correctly applied to pieces of Scout Armor.

  • Cheating Death: The quest will now correctly progress past the first stage for players who pick up Lou's note early.
  • Disarming Discovery: Players will no longer lose 300 Caps when logging in at a certain stage of the quest.
  • Over and Out: The elevator door at the entrance to the Enclave Research Facility now opens correctly.

  • Refrigerators: Sound effects no longer play twice when opening a Refrigerator.
  • Weapons: Heavy weapons that have an attached Tri-Barrel Mod no longer play unintended sound effects after the player has stopped firing.

  • Controls: Fixed an issue that could cause controls to become unresponsive after attempting to enter a set of Power Armor that had naturally spawned in the world.
  • Emotes: When equipped, the “Laughing” Emote now appears in the “Misc.” section of the Emote Wheel instead of “Trade.”
  • Map: The Map now retains the player’s most recent zoom level when reopened.
  • Map: “Select Respawn Location” now correctly appears at the top of the Map while attempting to respawn.
  • Nukes: Fixed an issue that prevented the Protected Zone from being marked on the map while using the Targeting Computer.
  • Scoreboard: The Rank 100 reward on the Season 4 Scoreboard no longer has any empty preview images.
  • Social: Addressed an issue that could prevent a player from scrolling the friends list.
  • Tag for Search: The magnifying glass icon is no longer obstructed by item names when a component those items contain has been tagged for search.
  • Vending Machines: Apparel now appears in its own category, separate from Armor, when previewing another player’s Vending Machines on the Map.