Horizon Forbidden West: State of Play is the most watched ever among Sony exclusives

Horizon Forbidden West: State of Play is the most watched ever among Sony exclusives

Horizon Forbidden West

Last night, the State of Play of Horizon Forbidden West, the highly anticipated new game from Guerrilla Games and PlayStation Studios arriving on PS4 and PS5 in 2021, went on air. The event obviously attracted the attention of fans and succeeded in a few hours to become the most watched State of Play ever.

Precisely, as reported by Benji-Sales, this ranking of State of Play is created starting from the direct dedicated to single games, not to larger events breath. The result is still incredible: we are talking about 2.4 million (at the time of writing, the 2.3 indicated by Benji are already outdated) of views. In this way, Horizon Forbidden West surpassed Demon's Souls, Ghost of Tsushima, The Last of Us Part 2 and Ratchet & Clank Rift Apart.

This is a remarkable result that testifies to the great interest in the game, perhaps also helped by the fact that the first chapter was also published on PC, thus expanding the amount of public curious to see what there is. reserve Aloy's future adventures. If you have not yet satisfied your curiosity, know that you can (re) see the trailer for Horizon Forbidden West in our dedicated news.

Also, you can read the gameplay preview on PS5 from the State of Play. Finally, we remind you that the release date has not been indicated but the development is proceeding as planned.

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The Morning After: We can finally see 'Horizon Forbidden West' running on the PS5

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The PS5 exclusive is still due out later this year.Horizon Forbidden West

Guerrilla Games

Looking for more new-gen games to show off what your console can do? Guerilla Games is hard at work on a sequel to its 2017 PS4 hit Horizon Zero Dawn, and on Thursday it gave gamers a hint of what to expect from Horizon Forbidden West. For 14 minutes, you can watch hero Aloy travel through post-apocalyptic West Coast landscapes, as she attempts to uncover the source of a red-tinged plague spreading across the land.

The fresh gameplay shows off deep-sea mechanics and new enemies, such as the Tremor Tusk — a massive, mechanical mammoth. Aloy even rides around on a velociraptor-type robot for a while. Guerilla isn’t ready to reveal a release date yet, but at least you can see the game’s world in 4K right now.Continue reading.

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