Biomutant: players halved on Steam in a couple of days, is that a flash in the pan?

Biomutant: players halved on Steam in a couple of days, is that a flash in the pan?


Biomutant was undoubtedly one of the surprises of this beginning of 2021. Thanks to the mix between The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild and Horizon: Zero Dawn, THQ Nordic's game had attracted the attention of thousands of fans, so much so that it be THQ Nordic's best-launching game ever. Too bad that after a couple of days the PC gamers have halved, showing a worrying trend for the game.

Recall that Biomutant was created by the small team of Experiment 101, who probably wanted to create a product that is a a little too ambitious. For this reason, the reviews of Biomutant have been mixed, something that, together with the various problems, may have turned some people away. Who, despite the promise to fix the game, have decided to abandon the game.

At launch, in fact, 55 thousand people simultaneously threw themselves on Biomutant, placing the game in thirteenth position among the most played on Steam. This number, however, dropped to around 20,000 after two days and to 13,000 by the time we write the news.

Contemporary Biomutant Players Considering that it takes around 20 hours to complete the game, it's hard to think that 50% of players spent so many hours in front of Biomutant to complete it as quickly as possible, something that would indicate a worrying escape.

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Biomutant Dev Promises Numerous Fixes and Changes Based on Community Feedback

Biomutant‘s reception as well as the discourse surrounding the game have been a mixed bag. While some have appreciated Experiment 101’s 20-person development team’s efforts to create a vibrant open world, Biomutant‘s gameplay and lackluster execution have been widely criticized. In light of the feedback, the developer has promised bug fixes and changes including difficulty settings and video settings.

A release date for the patch has yet to be shared, but Experiment 101 has promised that it’ll go live “soon.” The update will “most likely” land on PC first, followed by other platforms.

“We are working on an update for Biomutant which we will hope to get into players’ hands soon,” the studio tweeted. “Most likely we will be able to deliver the update to PC platforms first and then to consoles. The update will include bug fixes and changes based on community feedback. We are working on the pacing of dialogues, narrator settings, difficulty settings, video settings like depth of field and motion blur, loot and enemy tuning as well as sound and combat.”

We’ll update our readers when the patch is live.