No distraction while driving thanks to Tesla's new update

No distraction while driving thanks to Tesla's new update

Tesla is finally releasing a cab interior monitoring system that uses the existing interior camera, designed to check that the driver is paying attention to the road when Autopilot or Full Self-Driving are active.

Tesla has been integrating a camera into its vehicles for years now, but for some strange reason this feature had never been brought to market, despite several fatalities caused by improper use of Autopilot or FSD. When asked about the matter, Elon Musk long ago said that Tesla's internal camera will help prevent vandalism when fleets of self-driving and completely driverless cars circulate on the streets.

Last year Tesla asked its customers to be able to activate the camera to take photos and videos to “develop safety systems and improvements for the future”, all on a voluntary basis. In recent weeks there has been a lot of talk about this possibility, given the episodes in which Tesla was forced to revoke access to the Beta of the Full Self-Driving software for customers who were not attentive to the road; but so, if Tesla is already able to understand if the driver is not paying attention, why not report it directly while driving?

It seems that Tesla has finally made up his mind, and that the next update - 2021.4. 15.11 - will bring this new control system with you. The release notes in this regard are very clear:

"The cockpit video camera placed above the rearview mirror will now be able to detect the driver's inattention with Autopilot active, and warn him. The data collected by the camera remains in the car, the system is not designed to save or transmit any type of data unless the Data Sharing option is active. "

The update in question is increasingly awaited, as it will add the new Tesla Vision system that allows the car to see everything around it via video cameras, abandoning the use of radar systems.