Movies in theaters again? For Warner it is possible

Movies in theaters again? For Warner it is possible

A while ago WarnerMedia shocked Hollywood by streaming all of its new movies on HBO Max the same day they were due to debut in theaters. Now, however, it seems that the company wants to back down.

Starting next year, according to CEO Jason Kilar, the most important Warner productions will debut first in theaters and only later will they also land on the streaming services of the company.

Kilar argues that a great movie about the DC universe, for example, would be correct to distribute it initially exclusively for theaters, and only later also in streaming. The thing, however, should take place only starting from 2022, which means that this year we will be able, again to give an example, still enjoy The Suicide Squad from the comfort of home, but the next Batman movie will be released next year first in theaters. and only after a certain period, in streaming.

These statements come not exactly unexpected, also in light of the box office success that Godzilla vs Kong has recently achieved (the other Monsterverse movies you can buy them all together at this link ). This desire to return to adopting a distribution system similar to that used in the pre-pandemic period also seems to be shared by other distribution companies, such as Disney, Comcast and ViacomCBS which, despite having successfully tested the rental streaming system for their latest releases, in recent times marked by various restrictions due to the health emergency, they seem to really intend not to abandon the more "traditional" mode of use, that is with screenings in cinemas, at least as regards their productions of tip.

All this certainly plays to the advantage of the management companies of the various cinemas, seriously affected by the limits imposed in this last year by the global Covid19 pandemic.

Cinema will be able to return, also for the public, to what until a few months ago we considered normality, or is the mechanism destined to change forever?