FIFA 21: record earnings, EA is rich thanks to Ultimate Team

FIFA 21: record earnings, EA is rich thanks to Ultimate Team


The current one is a period in which the various video game companies draw their sums on the last fiscal year. We have already talked about the positive year of Electronic Arts, with the American company that ended the year in a positive way, also breaking several records. Also good are the much discussed microtransactions, especially in EA sports brands such as FIFA 21, and the most popular in the States Madden NFL.

There is no doubt that since EA introduced the Ultima Team mode, their sports titles have made a leap forward not only in terms of content completeness, but also in popularity and expansion of the player community itself. FIFA 21 still pushes a lot on this mode, and today we also find out how much money has entered the coffers of EA thanks to this highly played online mode.

As reported by the always very active Daniel Ahmad on Twitter, in the fiscal year 2021 EA earned a whopping $ 1.62 billion thanks to Ultimate Team. A number to say the least disproportionate, and which since 2015 has been constantly increasing with each year increasing substantially. Last year, in fact, thanks to the online mode of FIFA and Madden Electronic Arts he had earned 1.49 billion.

How much does EA earn from Ultimate Team across FIFA, Madden and NFL?

EA Net Revenue from Ultimate Team:

FY 2021: $ 1.62bn

FY 2020: $ 1.49bn

FY 2019: $ 1.37bn

FY 2018: $ 1.18bn

FY 2017: $ 775m

FY 2016: $ 660m

FY 2015: $ 587m

The majority is from FIFA Ultimate Team ofc.

- Daniel Ahmad (@ZhugeEX) May 26, 2021

Let's talk about numbers that since 2015 have been filling the company's coffers with large and welcome rewards. However, microtransactions are not always frowned upon by players, especially in extra sports games, where long ago the choice to include them in a title like Star Wars Battlefront II was heavily criticized. It must be said, that until the moment in which Ultimate Team benefits so well at EA, it will be difficult for the company to abandon this mode in its sports games and indeed, it will aim at us even more.

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FIFA 21 update: DLC assets 1 appears to be damaged error hits, 15.1 patch notes revealed

a stop sign: FIFA 21 DLC assets appears to be damaged error © EA • GETTY FIFA 21 DLC assets appears to be damaged error

FIFA 21 title update 15.1 is out now across all platforms. The latest FIFA update was released on Thursday for PS4, PS5, Xbox Series X, S and Xbox One following an earlier launch on PCs and Google Stadia. The patch brings with it a number of changes and fixes, such as addressing a Division Rivals and FUT Friendly matches issue in FIFA 21.

FIFA 21: EA Sports reveal Team of the Year players






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Full patch notes for this FIFA 21 download can be read below, but around the time of launch FIFA 21 players have been hit with another issue.

Fans have reported receiving an error message in game surrounding FIFA 21 DLC.

The error says FIFA 21 DLC assets appears to be damaged, with EA saying they're actively investigating the issue.

The FIFA Direct Communications Twitter posted: 'We're aware of reports that players are receiving an error message related to DLC assets and are actively investigating.

'In the meantime, players can select 'cancel' to proceed to the main menu.'

Discussing the issue, one FIFA 21 player tweeted: '@EAHelp when loading onto Fifa 21 ps4, a notification pops up saying 'DLC assets update 1 appears to be damaged and cannot be used' how do I fix this issue?'

While another posted: '@EAHelp I just downloaded update for fifa 21 and now it says DLC update 1 appears damaged and cannot be used, what do I do?'

One added: '@EASPORTSFIFA What's happening with the new update for Fifa21 it's saying 'DLC assets update 1 appears to be damaged and cannot be used''

And another wrote: '@EASPORTSFIFA @EA After latest update of FIFA 21 when I enter game I am getting the error message 'DLC Assets update 1 appears to be damaged and cannot be used'. When I searched in internet many are facing the same issue. Kindly fix the issue ASAP and release an update #FIFA21'.

One FIFA account, however, offered a potential workaround for the problem.

The @fifaaddiction Twitter posted: 'If you get the DLC Assets Update 1 appears to be damaged. Go to FIFA profile menu. Then go to delete. Delete file named 'DLC Assets update 1' Go to squads, then reset all squads. Then quit the game and restart FIFA. It should then load with correct boots etc. #FIFA21 #FUT21'.

In case you're wondering, here are full patch notes for the latest FIFA download...

a close up of a screen: FIFA 21 DLC appears to be damaged error message © TWITTER FIFA 21 DLC appears to be damaged error messageFIFA 21 TITLE UPDATE 15.1 PATCH NOTES

The latest Title Update is now available for the PC (Origin/Steam), Stadia, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S versions of FIFA 21 and includes the change below.

FIFA Ultimate Team

Addressed the following issue:

Division Rivals and FUT Friendlies matches could display incorrect and identical kits for both teams.

In order to address this issue quickly, the following issue originally addressed in the previous Title Update has been reintroduced:

Co-Op match lobbies can sometimes display a placeholder goalkeeper kit instead of the Captain's selected kit.

This Title Update will soon be available for the PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S versions of FIFA 21, and includes the changes below. Note that these changes were introduced to the PC and Stadia versions of FIFA 21 in the previous Title Update.

General, Audio, and Video

Made the following changes:

Updated CONMEBOL competitions.

Updated CONMEBOL Libertadores seeding in Career Mode and Tournaments.

Updated CONMEBOL Libertadores and Sudamericana competition structure for Career Mode.

Added clubs who qualified for the 2021 CONMEBOL Libertadores and Sudamericana group stages where appropriate and updated rosters for existing clubs.

Updated some player portraits, kits, badges, ad boards, broadcast and presentation packages, and interview backdrops.

Addressed the following issue:

Addressed further instances of balls not displaying shadows during a match.

FIFA Ultimate Team

Addressed the following issues:

After viewing and exiting the Transfer Market Live Search Results for a specific Stadium Club Item Type, the selected Club Item Type filter could unintentionally change.

The in-game pause menu incorrectly displayed Squad names instead of Club names.

Career Mode

Addressed the following issues:

Elland Road was not a selectable stadium for Leeds United.

In some cases, players could still control their whole team as usual when attempting to use the Lock To Player function.


Addressed the following issue:

Placeholder text was visible in a preview thumbnail of a long sleeve white crewneck.