The Kellogg's automatic cereal dispenser

The Kellogg's automatic cereal dispenser

From milk to Greek yogurt and cereal to banana chips, it can combine up to 22 different ingredients

Photo: Kellogg's Away from Home Kellogg's launched Kellogg's Bowl Bot: a vending machine, such as those for snacks and drinks, able to prepare and serve breakfast by mixing cereals and muesli with various additions including fresh fruit, nuts and chocolate chips. Born from a collaboration with Chowbotics, it is based on the same technology as the Bowl Bots, the robots that prepare the bowls - the bowls - with the salad.

In fact, users, through a touchscreen or the dedicated app, they can order breakfast with milk or Greek yogurt choosing from 22 different ingredients. However, the distributor also offers some ready-made combinations such as About Last Night, Valentine's Day Vibes or Hawaii 5-0 which mix banana, coconut, strawberry, mango and pineapple chips with the brand's most popular cereals such as Coco Pops, Special K or Frosted Flakes.

According to what was announced in the official press release, the starting price of a breakfast is $ 2.99 - about 2.50 euros - and varies according to the ingredients selected.

Kellogg's Bowl Bot is currently only available in the United States for students attending Florida State University and the University of Wisconsin-Madison: we have no further details regarding the distributor's debut on the European continent.

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