Far Cry 6: the multiplayer.it Twitch marathon with the event, ilCortocircuito and IlGattosulTubo

Far Cry 6: the multiplayer.it Twitch marathon with the event, ilCortocircuito and IlGattosulTubo

Far Cry 6

Today on Twitch it's marathon time for geekinco! We've been training hard to spend the whole afternoon introducing Far Cry 6 gameplay. Be careful, because we will not accept the fact that you have already seen the stolen version as an excuse for your absence. As you know, the stolen material is not worth it. And then you want to put an anonymous Russian commentator with Pierpaolo Greco and Francesco Serino? Come on, let's not joke.

Far Cry 6: the gameplay will be revealed today The program, however, is much richer than you can imagine. It begins at 16:00 with a learned discussion that will involve Alessandra Borgonovo and Luca Porro. The object of the debate will be the most famous antagonists of the Far Cry series, which someone insists on calling villain, no one knows why.

We continue at 17:00 with a special CortoCircuito in which there will be guests IlGattosulTubo, Valentina Ariete and Giuseppe Grossi. That this column finally finds meaning? Do not tell Pianesani, of course, because it could be bad ...

At 19:00 it will therefore be the turn of the digital event for the presentation of Far Cry 6, commented by the aforementioned Pierpaolo Greco and Francesco Serino, both clothes (we specify it for the most sensitive).

But now let's stop chattering and junk and let's see the calendar with a brief summary of the whole program:

16: 00 - Far Cry villains with Alessandra and Luca 17:00 - Short circuit Special with IlGattosulTubo, Valentina Ariete and Giuseppe Grossi 19:00 - Digital Far Cry 6 event with Pierpaolo and Francesco

You can follow the marathon at the inside this news, in the dedicated box or directly on our Twitch channel, possibly using the official app on iOS and Android. Sign up to receive notifications about new videos!

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Leaked Far Cry 6 video gives first glance at weapons, vehicle and pets

Someone spilled the beans on Far Cry 6.

Someone spilled the beans on Far Cry 6.


Ubisoft planned a Far Cry 6 reveal Friday, but a leaked video planned for the event showed up on YouTube Thursday. The 8-minute video shows some of the big changes coming in the newest game in the franchise, including an adorable dog you can use to distract enemies as you sneak up behind them to crack their necks. 

Polish YouTube Rojson uploaded the Far Cry 6 gameplay video Thursday and quickly removed it, but not before it was saved and uploaded by others. Dani Rojas, the protagonist of the game, has a wide range of weapons available and many are not traditional, such as a handgun with a large drum magazine and a launcher that shoots out burnt CDs of Los del Rio's '90s hit 'Macarena.'

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Music can be deadly

Music can be deadly

Music can be deadly. 


Dani's arsenal also includes backpacks. These packs won't hold his books, but instead they can create flames around him or shoot missiles. There are also more ways to get around the island of Yara, whether it be on horseback, a classic '50s Chevy sedan with a plow on it or a muscle car with machine guns bolted onto the roof. 

Dani won't be alone in his fight against 'El Presidente' Antón Castillo. There is a pet dog that can be used as a distraction to get the jump on enemies or a pet crocodile that can take down the bad guys.



That's one cute little bugger.

Far Cry dog

Another subtle change that's noticeable in the leaked video is the destructible environments. The Far Cry series has been known for making much of the environment interactive, but it looks like in Far Cry 6 explosives will do far more damage such as bringing down trees and causing more smoke to fill the air, making it harder to see right after an explosion. 

Far Cry 6's official reveal will come on Friday at 12:30 p.m. ET/9:30 am PT. The game will release on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series, PC and Stadia when it comes out sometime later this year. 

Ubisoft didn't immediately respond to a request for comment. 

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