Returnal will include asynchronous multiplayer: the details of the Dark Souls-style feature

Returnal will include asynchronous multiplayer: the details of the Dark Souls-style feature

Returnal will include asynchronous multiplayer

At the same time as the publication of an unpublished Returnal story trailer, the developers of Housemarque propose a new review of details on the sci-fi adventure.

In particular, the software house has shared interesting details on a form of multiplayer asynchronous which will allow for a certain degree of interaction between players. With a feature that partly evokes to mind one of the typical dynamics of Dark Souls, the protagonist will have the opportunity to view "projections" that tell the last moments of another Selene.

The astronaut we will wear the role of Returnal - explains Housemarque - "can also come across the corpses of his previous incarnations. These bodies can project the last moments of another player's life (via our online systems) or have with them some exploratory journals in audio format left behind from other versions of Selene, which she does not remember recording. The projections show how a player died in the world of Returnal and give the possibility to search his remains for objects or to avenge his death, triggering events that are best discovered The corpses exploration journals contain specific plot elements, while the projections stem from the deaths of other players and can be found in t all the environments of Returnal ".

A dynamic that is certainly intriguing, which the community that decides to play Selene will be able to test on PlayStation 5 starting next April 30th. While waiting for Day One, our Marco Mottura has gone through many details about the production during his interview with the Returnal team.

Returnal Has An Asynchronous Multiplayer Feature That Is A Whole Lot Like Dark Souls


Sony has revealed in a PlayStation Blog post about the new Returnal trailer, that the game actually features an asynchronous multiplayer feature, almost exactly like Dark Souls.

In the latest trailer, we learn that Selene will discover her own corpses on Atropos and these will show you other players’ deaths or audio logs left behind by other versions of Selene. Upon interacting with them, they show other players’ last moments and once they have finished you can either scavenge their remains for items or revenge their death, triggering an event, which the team doesn’t detail. But, we assume it will spawn some enemies.

The audio logs however are crafted story content from Housemarque, whereas the player death projections are found throughout the game and environments. Overall, this is a neat feature and adds to the already AAA-feeling package Returnal is. Not long to wait now until the game is finally out.

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Returnal releases for PS5 on April 30, 2021.

Source – [PlayStation Blog]