Nintendo Switch Pro: Announcement is imminent, release very soon - "Leak"

Nintendo Switch Pro: Announcement is imminent, release very soon - Leak

Nintendo Switch Pro

In the last few weeks and months there have been rumors about a more powerful version of the Nintendo Switch, usually called Nintendo Switch Pro in the context of the leaks. A confirmation has not yet been received.

According to the latest alleged leak, that should change very, very soon. The generally very well-informed information portal Bloomberg, which also employs industry insider Jason Schreier, reports that the announcement will take place before the purely digital E3 2021. The "Fair" will be held between June 12th and 15th, 2021. During the Nintendo presentation at E3, the announced games will then be presented on the stronger hardware.

The two reporting journalists Debby Wu and Takashi Mochizuki write of a stronger switch, which, as in previous rumors, claims , is to rely on DLSS technology, a technique that uses deep learning to extrapolate textures with poorer resolution to 4K quality when playing on the television. In mobile operation, according to the article, you can look forward to a 7-inch OLED screen manufactured by Samsung.

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Here you can find out which games are new for the Nintendo Switch this week (KW20) and which are particularly exciting! var lstExcludedArticleTicker = '1372793,1372723,1372656,1372426'; The Nintendo Switch (buy now) Pro - or as the device should be called, according to the report, only a few initiates at Nintendo in Kyoto know the correct name so far - is to be released only a few months later, namely in September 2021. Between October and December production is to be ramped up significantly. From the launch, the device will be sold alongside the Nintendo Switch Lite, while production of the normal Switch will be gradually stopped and the standard version will be completely replaced by the Pro at some point. Deliveries to dealers are expected to begin in July.

A price for the alleged new device has not yet been fully leaked, Bloomberg last reported a few months ago of 349 US dollars, which is to be proclaimed as the list price.

The currently serious chip shortage should not affect the plans for the Nintendo Switch Pro. The manufacturers delivering to Nintendo are confident that the targeted delivery quantities can be met - how high or low these should be is not clear from the report. This is definitely an exciting statement, especially in view of the fact that there are currently delivery bottlenecks even with the normal Switch.

The Bloomberg report is about any games that will benefit from the new Switch nothing to read.

Source: Bloomberg

Nintendo is reportedly on the verge of announcing a more powerful Switch model that's expected to launch this year

a boy wearing a hat: Nintendo © Provided by Business Insider Nintendo

Nintendo's making a more powerful, more expensive version of its wildly popular Switch console - and it could arrive as soon as this September, according to Bloomberg.

Moreover, the new console is expected to be officially revealed by Nintendo in the near future, ahead of the video game industry's annual trade show in June, in order to give Nintendo space to discuss games for the new Switch at the show.

That's according to reports from both Bloomberg and Eurogamer published this week.

The new Switch model is capable of producing 4K visuals on a TV, according to reports from earlier this year, and has a larger screen that uses OLED technology.

a hand holding a cellphone: <a href="">The Nintendo Switch</a> Lite, pictured above, came out in September 2019. Hollis Johnson/Business Insider © Hollis Johnson/Business Insider The Nintendo Switch Lite, pictured above, came out in September 2019. Hollis Johnson/Business Insider

Manufacturers are reportedly scheduled to begin production this July, and Nintendo is said to be working with Samsung to source the OLED screens that will go into the new version of the Switch.

Currently, there are two models of Nintendo Switch: The original version, which launched in March 2017, and a less expensive Switch Lite, which launched in September 2019. Both consoles have sold briskly since launch - as of March 31, 2021, just shy of 85 million Nintendo Switch units have been sold, Nintendo said.

The new model will eventually replace the original Nintendo Switch, according to Bloomberg.

Rumors of a new, more powerful version of the Nintendo Switch have been circulating for years.

Initially, those rumors were paired with word of a less expensive, handheld-only version of the Switch. That eventually came to fruition as the Nintendo Switch Lite.

Thus far, Nintendo hasn't confirmed the existence or development of a more powerful Switch - a Switch 'Pro' model, if you will. Nintendo representatives didn't respond to a request for comment as of publishing.

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