Disney Sidekicks: Disney's Helpers Game Coming

Disney Sidekicks: Disney's Helpers Game Coming

Disney Sidekicks

Spin Master Games has announced Disney Sidekicks, a new board game that will put the Sidekicks, the helpers, of the most famous heroes of Disney animated films at the center of the scene.

After Ravensburger's celebrated Disney Villainous ( available for purchase online), a new boxed game will be ready to bring new adventures to lovers of Disney animated classics. This time, however, the Disney heroes will be in trouble, at the mercy of the Disney villains and only the arrival of their helpers can avert the worst.

Disney Sidekicks will be a collaborative game for 2-4 players from 8 years old , who will be able to play the role of characters such as Timon and Pumbaa, Tinker Bell, Abu, Lumiere and Flora, Fauna and Serenella.

The aim of the game will be to be able to free the hero, held prisoner in the castle of the Bad Guys. The players will then have to collaborate, to be able to make their way on the game board and carry out their mission. However, the journey will not be without pitfalls, during their great adventure the helpers will clash with different enemies, they will save the villagers and they will have to find the necessary tools to break into the castle where the hero is held prisoner.

Obviously, players will win the game of Disney Sidekicks if they succeed in defeating at least one of the villains. Among the possible opponents the players will face: Captain Hook, Gaston, Scar, Jafar and Maleficent.

Spin Master Games has not disclosed many details about the rules of the game, however by observing the promotional photos it is possible to notice that the board does not provide a predetermined path, so players will have the opportunity to establish, from time to time , a different strategy. Similarly, the official description indicates that to win the game it will be enough to defeat at least one of the villains, this could mean that the game could contemplate different levels of difficulty, based on the number of villains you intend to defeat.

Disney Sidekicks, in its English edition, it will cost $ 29.00. Inside the box, players will find: 12 miniatures, 8 decks, 90 Game Cards, 5 Villain Cards, 5 Character Cards, 1 die with token, 1 special die, 1 Castle component, the game board and the rules booklet .

Sidekicks To Save The Day In Upcoming Disney Board Game

Were you a fan of the Disney board game Villainous? Well, it is about time they are getting shoved out of the limelight as the Sidekicks are ready to take on some responsibility. Board Game Sidekicks has been announced by Spin Master Games, as your favourite Disney companions are stepping up to the plate.

Disney Sidekicks // Spin Master Games

A brand new Disney board game is coming on August 1st for 2-4 players, as all of the Disney heroes have been prey to a cheeky entrapment. Who is left to step up? Those good ol' sidekicks ready for some training out on the field. Join characters like Timon & Pumba and Tinkerbell as they take on the fearsome hoard of villains awaiting for their arrival. The goal of the game is simple. Players are to seek out and defeat one Disney villain to be crowned a champion.

Disney Sidekicks // Spin Master Games

Players will need to approach the castle to break out their own heroes, which are sitting waiting patiently behind the walls of imprisonment of the likes of Jafar and Captain Hook. Each Disney sidekick will have a villainous counterpart, which is sure to create some magical gameplay. Of course, the immediate attraction is the Disney themed miniatures scattered around the board - which are asking to be painted up!

Not much has been announced regarding the new title just yet, but be sure to keep your eyes peeled for updates on rules and gameplay. This is for sure going to be a winner for myself and my nieces in a new Disney-themed challenge.

Who is your favourite Disney Sidekick? 

'Join characters like Timon & Pumba and Tinkerbell as they take on the fearsome hoard of villains awaiting for their arrival...'