Xbox Series X | S: Will Microsoft increase developer earnings on consoles too?

Xbox Series X | S: Will Microsoft increase developer earnings on consoles too?

Xbox Series X | S

Microsoft seems willing to increase the profit margin of developers also on consoles, or on the Xbox Series X | S and Xbox One section of its official Store as well as on the PC section, this is another information that emerges from the documents made public by the process between Apple and Epic Games.

From the same source it also emerged that the exclusive Xbox Series X | S of STALKER 2 seems destined to last only 3 months, but there is also this other interesting aspect that emerges from the documents submitted to the trial. After announcing the increase in margins for developers on the Windows Store from 70% to 88%, the same initiative seems destined to expand also on consoles.

Based on what emerged, also visible in the document shown below, the lowering of withholdings by Microsoft on games sold digitally through its Store from 30 to 12% will also be made on the section dedicated to Xbox Series X | S and Xbox One. This would be a historic move because such an initiative has never been implemented on consoles: the path taken by Epic Games first and then by the Windows Store has so far only concerned the PC sector.

A Microsoft document showing the project to increase developers' margins also on the Xbox Store However, for the moment a Microsoft spokesperson has limited himself to reporting that there are no plans to change the deductions on console games "al moment ", therefore it remains to be understood if and when the initiative will take place, but the documents clearly show the intention to act in this sense. Meanwhile, the reduction of the Windows Store sales "tax" from 30 to 12%, with a consequent increase in margins for developers from 70 to 88%, will take place around August 2021.

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Xbox Series X | S

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