Sony and Microsoft announce the first jointly developed game

Sony and Microsoft announce the first jointly developed game

Just look back over the last few years and you will see how the gaming market has undergone many small and large revolutions. Over the last 5/6 years we have witnessed the arrival of a hybrid console such as Nintendo Switch, the arrival of Sony exclusives also on PC, the explosion of subscription-themed gaming services, virtual reality and the first attempts to propose gaming platforms completely intended for cloud gaming. In all this, a game developed by the two industry giants Sony and Microsoft was still missing.

The news is really very curious and certainly no one expected to hear one day that Sony and Microsoft have joined forces to develop an upcoming video game together. As it happens, everything is really happening, with Nyorokko, this is the name of the title, which is gradually taking shape. We are talking about a free-to-play title destined for the mobile market that will not arrive before next summer on iOS and Android devices.

ForwardWorks, a subsidiary of Sony Interactive, together with Microsoft Japan is working on the title and everything is coming to life through the use of the Microsoft Azure PlayFab platform. Nyorokko presents itself as an asymmetrical online multiplayer game with PvP and survival elements. The creator of the project, the Japanese actor Tsubasa Honda defines his title more as a particular experiment and for this reason the title will be made available only in a limited period of six months.

Although not being developed directly by the main studios of Sony and Microsoft, this Nyorokko is managing to bring together two companies that have always been rivals within the gaming industry in a single project in an indirect way. Who knows that this is not just an isolated case, and maybe from here on the two giants can find a way to collaborate closely more and more often.

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