Frostpunk Mobile announced by NetEase, coming soon

Frostpunk Mobile announced by NetEase, coming soon

Frostpunk Mobile announced by NetEase

Frostpunk Mobile has been announced by NetEase, a portable version, for iOS and Android, of the excellent city builder with survival elements from 11 Bit Studios, but there is still no precise release date for this interesting version.

We do not know exactly what it is and the first communications from the Chinese publishers NetEase do not clarify: it seems that it is a title not completely separate from the main game on PC and console, so it could be a sort of spin - minor off compared to the actual game, or a conversion to mobile platforms.

The brief introductory tweet from the official account talks about the "original Frostpunk gameplay ported to mobile platforms", something that will allow players to "dive deeper into the survival experience of post-apocalyptic society".

Read like this, it looks like a sort of real port, but we are waiting for more precise information. The original game sees us committed to ensuring the survival of a community of men and women in a post-apocalyptic future who find themselves constantly having to fight against the cold caused by a new ice age, thus finding a way to build and organize the new society. around heat sources and finding and managing scarce resources better, even through exploration outside the borders.

Frostpunk received a last expansion last year with a board game as well. To learn more about the original version, we refer you to the Frostpunk review.

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Frostpunk Mobile is an enhanced version of the hit strategy game

Post-apocalyptic survival strategy game Frostpunk is making the move to mobile, courtesy of NetEase and the game’s original creator, 11 Bit Studios. Frostpunk Mobile, as it’s known, tasks you with leading the last city on Earth, managing essential resources, and finding a way to keep your people alive through what looks to be a never-ending winter.

While this new version is seemingly authentic to the original 2018 release, it does come bearing some fresh features, including a roguelike adventure mode, extra character development, law and guild systems, and a station where you can hold rare animals.

PCGamesN, our sister site, dropped a Frostpunk PC review at launch, calling it “a management game that doesn’t concern itself with micromanagement,” but rather “the macro moral decisions of a leader.” This lines up with NetEase and 11 Bit Studios’ aims for the mobile version, with Ethan Wang, NetEase’s vice president, saying that both companies have a “shared vision to inspire a deeper exploration of humanity” with Frostpunk Mobile.

While we know that the game is expected to launch later this year for iOS and Android, a precise Frostpunk Mobile release date is still unknown. Thankfully, NetEase has already announced its plans to share more info during its annual product launch event on May 20.

If you’re looking for something to keep you busy in the meantime, you should know that we maintain a regularly updated list of the best mobile strategy games on iOS and Android. You might also opt to check out the official Frostpunk Mobile site.