Ashwalkers has a release date, the game from the co-founder of Dontnod arrives in April

Ashwalkers has a release date, the game from the co-founder of Dontnod arrives in April

Ashwalkers has a release date

Ashwalkers A Survival Journey finally has a release date, the new game from studio Nameless XIII will be available digitally on Steam from April 15th, as revealed with a new trailer.

An adventurous journey into a merciless world, without rules or judgment. When faced with moral dilemmas, only your choices will matter. Manage your equipment, food, and party members to orient yourself in a non-linear storytelling simulation with 34 possible endings.

Nameless XIII is a newborn French studio founded by Hervé Bonin, co-founder of Dontnod, a team known for the Life is Strange series. Among the key characteristics of Ashwalkers are:

Make meaningful choices in a non-linear narrative Different paths to take with 34 different endings Manage the resources of your group members, as well as their physical and mental health Learn about the group through relational dynamics Travel and discover the secrets of this world destroyed by a volcanic apocalypse Collect resources and produce supplies An Ashwalkers demo was made available during the Steam Game Festival in February, enjoying great success with audiences and critics thanks to an aesthetic style of sure impact and gameplay rich in nuances. We will soon know if the first title of Nameless XIII will be able to breach the hearts of the players.

Ashwalkers: A Survival Journey Launches April 15 for PC - News

by William D'Angelo , posted 12 hours ago / 264 Views

Publisher Dear Villagers and developer Nameless XIII announced the post-apocalyptic narrative survival game, Ashwalkers: A Survival Journey, will launch for PC via Steam on April 15.

View the release date announcement trailer below:

Here is an overview of the game:

A survival journey through a harsh world without rules or judgement, only the player’s choices matter in the face of moral dilemmas. They’ll have to manage the party’s food and equipment and find their way through a dynamic narrative survival sim with 34 possible endings.

Set 200 years after the first geological disasters a group of survivors called The Section set out into a ravaged world. Their goal is to find a safe haven to their people, but to reach it they face a post-apocalyptic wasteland full of complex moral dilemmas. Get to know the intimate dynamics, relationships and tensions between the brave captain of the group Petra, the pragmatic fighter Sinh, the young optimistic scholar Kali and the cautious scout Nadir as you travel the end of the world.

Key Features:

  • Make meaningful and difficult decisions in complex moral dilemmas.
  • Discover a new path each time you play depending on your choice.
  • 34 different endings.
  • Get to know the group of four distinct characters.
  • Manage your food, equipment and medication and protect the group from madness and despair.
  • Travel and learn about this hostile world destroyed by a volcanic apocalypse.
  • Seek and harvest vital resources in the wild.
  • Overcome obstacles, violent encounters and the deadly climate on your journey.
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