Codemasters: Developers should remain independent despite the takeover

Codemasters: Developers should remain independent despite the takeover


In February 2021, the publisher Electronic Arts took over the Codemasters development studio for $ 1.2 billion. Incidentally, this is also the reason why the racing game F1 2021 appears under the EA banner. But despite this takeover, the team should remain largely independent and work in the future.

Andrew Wilson, Managing Director of Electronic Arts, recently confirmed this again in an interview with the industry magazine MCV UK. Among other things, he drew a comparison with the development studio Respawn Entertainment (Apex Legends), which EA had already taken over in 2017.

"Similar to Respawn, it is not our intention to rush in and take over Codemasters. (. ..) At Electronic Arts we have this great cabinet full of brands and technology, a cabinet with broad marketing, depth and reach on a global basis, and a great network of players, the way we think about it is just like how we worked with respawn The point is to give Codemasters a bunch of keys for this closet. They can come and take whatever they need from the closet. But they can continue to be exactly as they were before, because that was mostly what made them special Has."

According to Wilson's statements, Electronic Arts does not want to interfere in the creative processes of Codemasters and leave the studio largely free in its projects. However, it remains to be seen how long this status will last in the future.

Source: MCV UK