Apex Legends: Season 9 starts soon, update with new legend

Apex Legends: Season 9 starts soon, update with new legend

Apex Legends

The activation of the Apex Legends Season 9 "Legacy" is getting closer: The start is planned for May 4th. Respawn Entertainment has not yet announced a specific time. However, the developers are already attuning to the new legend Valkyrie with a video. In the clip inserted below, you can see the heroine - and learn what skills she uses. With her jetpack made from the remains of Viper's Northstar Titan, Valkyrie can circle the battlefield for a short time.

She kills her opponents with a swarm of missiles that both injure and irritate her. "If the situation gets tough, Valkyrie can use her ultimate ability to catapult herself into the air and even bring her entire squad to safety," the developers write. In the following video, which has a mix of gameplay scenes and cutscenes, you will learn more details. At the start of the Apex Legends (buy now 29.52 €) Season 9, Respawn is releasing a major update that brings up the new content for the Battle Royale shooter.

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Apex Legends: start of season 9 is pending - activation, patch notes for update

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Apex Legends: Season 9 alluded to, that's waiting for you

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The best Battleroyale games 2021: The top 10 last man standing games

Battle Royale is your genre, but you want to try something new? Get an overview of the currently 10 best Battle Royales! var lstExcludedArticleTicker = '1371339,1371217,1370804,1368918'; The patch notes for the new update for Apex Legends are already available. In addition to the new legend, a new 3-on-3 mode comes into play with the arenas. Here you can put your skills to the test on cards such as phase runners and party crashers. You start each round with a new loadout. You invest the collected crafting materials in new improvements between the rounds. A new weapon awaits you with the Bocek bow.

5 things new Apex Legends players should know in 2021

Apex Legends, Respawn Entertainment's take on the Battle Royale genre, has been a resounding success for consoles and PC. The game has integrated Respawn Entertainment's signature gunplay polish with the Battle Royale genre's chaotic nature.

Apex Legends is a great blend of hero shooters and battle royales. Its numerous Legends make it an especially fun experience. Despite this, Apex Legends can be overwhelming compared to other BR games.

It can be hard to keep track of everything happening on the screen at a single time. Here are some tips that might help new players adjust to Apex Legends.

1) There is no wrong choice when it comes to Legends

The first thing that hits a player in Apex Legends is choosing between several Legends. When a player plays for the first time, many Legends will still be locked. Making a choice is pretty difficult, as players don't fully understand their abilities just yet.

Each Legend is useful in their own right, so there is no wrong choice in Apex Legends. While some Legends tend to be better in certain situations and often have higher pick rates, players should try every Legend before choosing their favorite.

The trick is to try every legend until they find the one that best suits their skills.

2) Use the Ping System when not using mics

The Ping System is simply the best addition to the shooter genre that was introduced by Apex Legends. It allows players to communicate without mics. Even when using mics, the ping system can help relay important information to allies.

It is easier to use the ping system to communicate to allies about enemies whereabouts. Apex Legends makes some pretty massive strides when it comes to communication and the ping system is simply ingenious.

3) Rushing isn't always the best move, Wins > Kills

Call of Duty players and fans of other arena shooters might come into Apex Legends with a 'rush-first' philosophy. However, the game rewards patience as much as it does aggression, and this will become clear to a new player in the first few hours they play the game.


Simply rushing without factoring in the positional advantage of the team will only get the player and their squad killed. Biding one's time and luring the enemy squads into traps is rewarding to watch in Apex Legends.

Unless the situation absolutely calls for rushing, players should abstain from doing it at all costs. Remember, the XP you gain from winning a match is way higher than what you get from kills.

4) High Ground is always great

In Apex Legends, having high ground on an enemy is absolutely the best positional advantage. Hence, legends like Horizon and Pathfinder are so popular. They can help their squad access places others normally cannot.

Mobile legends such as Octane, Pathfinder, Horizon, and even Loba (very rare) can help players get a positional advantage over the enemy squad. Having high ground essentially means players can shoot at enemies from cover, while also taking less damage.

5) Team-play is key

Apex Legends rewards team-play more than anything. Finding the right combination of legends plays a huge factor in the outcome of each match.

Certain legend combinations such as Wattson-Caustic, Bloodhound-Bangalore, and Lifeline-Everyone, always get great results. Playing tactically is more rewarding which is why the game has been so successful.

Published 03 May 2021, 18:37 IST