Virtua Fighter - The unmissable fighting game saga returning soon?

Virtua Fighter - The unmissable fighting game saga returning soon?

Update by JeromeJoffard, April 21, 2021 at 3:14:48 PM The news is gradually being confirmed since today, the license was seen on the Japanese PlayStation Store under the ID CUSA20138. Behind this enigmatic name is therefore a certain Virtua Fighter eSports, a title which, as its name suggests, would indeed be at the service of e-sports clashes. The icing on the cake, we are even entitled to the thumbnail of the game, as well as a small idea of ​​its roster, a roster which is particularly similar to that of the fifth episode.

C'est en Indeed what the latest information shared by our colleagues from Gematsu suggests, the game Virtua Fighter 5: Ultimate Showdown has been evaluated by the Game Rating and Administration Committee, the Korean classification body.

Good Obviously, this information should be taken with a grain of salt since nothing has been officially announced by SEGA. But if the news is indeed true, and there is a good chance, the popular license would come back to the fore with a second improved version of Virtua Fighter 5, the 2007 episode. We imagine that this return for the three-dimensional fighting game will allow players to discover new playable characters and developers to gauge the popularity of the license for, why not, a possible sixth episode.

Images of Virtua Fighter 5: Final Showdown

Moreover, a statement made on September 25 by SEGA would go in this direction. Indeed, the Japanese giant, which was celebrating its 60th anniversary, announced that it wanted to bring the Virtua Fighter license out of the closet in order to conquer the eSports scene.

Virtua Fighter, which was designed as the first 3D fighting game in 1993 , will reboot as an eSports game to celebrate SEGA's 60th anniversary, starting with Japan. More details on the project will be announced at a later date. SEGA at the Tokyo Game Show

Following this statement, a certain "Virtua Fighter x Esports Project" has appeared. Now, it remains to be seen if the two news are linked and if the Virtua Fighter saga will again be entitled to a brand new opus in the near future.

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