Valheim: New update improves performance - patch notes

Valheim: New update improves performance - patch notes


Not much has been heard from the Iron Gate developer in the recent past. However, that was not because the team was idle - quite the contrary. Instead, it was busy working on another update for the survival game Valheim, which is now available for download.

One of the most interesting and important innovations in update 0.150.3 for Valheim (buy now 19 , 90 €) should be the introduction of a new Terrain Modification System. This should reduce the number of network instances and thus improve the general performance of the survival game. According to the developers' statements, this is particularly noticeable in the form of shorter loading times. The team has also fixed a bug that caused the server list to continue loading in the background, even if you had already exited the start menu. This made for an increased use of the bandwidth. Here is the full list of changes:

Patch Notes for Valheim v0.150.3

Swamp draugr spawner location fix to prevent draugrs from spawning inside stones Lox pet-sfx fix Torches in locations should no longer support constructions Dolmen location stone size fix New terrain modification system Terrain-modification priority changed (Terrain modifications in an area should load before buildings, only applies to the new terrain modification system) World loading tweaks (to fix issues with ships and buildings getting damaged while loading) Stop server list download when leaving the start menu (to decrease network bandwidth usage) Lowered the amount of stone required to Raise ground using the hoe Source: Iron Gate

Valheim update makes hoeing less expensive

Now easier to raise mounds.

One of the worst feelings in Valheim is wanting to create a big old hill, then almost immediately running out of stone. Huh? Who got my rocks off me?

It turns out the hoe tool charges a whole bunch of stone to raise the ground, making it quite expensive to complete dirty projects. But at long last, developer Iron Gate has stepped in to solve this issue with an update.

The patch notes released on Steam explain that Iron Gate has 'lowered the amount of stone required to raise ground using the hoe'. Previously one use of raise ground would cost you four stone: that number has been halved to two. So that's double the amount of hoeing for your resources, hooray!

Let's Play Valheim - Viking In The Vilderness

In other ground-related news, the update also introduces a new 'terrain-modification system' that should 'reduce the number of network instances and make loading faster and smoother'. If you've already made a number of terrain modifications in an area, you may need to enter the console command 'optterrain' to convert all the modifications to the new system. To do this, you'll need to go to Valheim's properties and add '-console' as a launch argument (under the general tab). When in-game, you can then open up the console with F5, type in devcommands to enable commands, then optterrain.

On top of all this, the patch also tweaks world loading so that ships and buildings will no longer get damaged while loading. Hopefully this will stop those unexplainable hits on your boat in the middle of the sea.

There are a couple of other fixes in the patch: draugrs have been prevented from spawning inside stones, and torches can no longer be used to support constructions. We're still waiting on further news about Valheim's upcoming Hearth and Home update, which is the next major update in Valheim's development roadmap. A wooden bird is involved, somehow. But with that small tweak to the hoe, at least we can now make it terrain more easily.