Twitch: Stricter rules for misconduct outside the platform

Twitch: Stricter rules for misconduct outside the platform


Twitch officials published an expansion on Wednesday for the guidelines on "hateful behavior" and "harassment". Accordingly, partners and streamers will be controlled even more closely in the future, as shown outside the platform. Twitch has even brought an external company on board to help with the review. Viewers will soon also be able to contact special e-mail addresses if they notice any malfunction of a Twitch streamer on the Internet. The new guidelines apply immediately.

In the past, Twitch has already blocked a number of users who have shown suspicious behavior outside of the streaming platform - but often only after a violation has occurred on Twitch itself . By expanding the existing rules, those responsible want to better illustrate what behavior could lead to a ban. In the blog, the offenses are divided into two categories: harassment and hateful behavior. that happen on Twitch and other platforms as well as offenses that occur exclusively outside of Twitch. You can find more details on this in the blog.

In particular, partners have - in addition to their Twitch accounts - in most cases also profiles on YouTube, Instagram, TikTok and more, where they also communicate with their followers. Corresponding misconduct there would also cast a bad image on Twitch's image. The future will show whether the new check will work smoothly in the future.

Source: Twitch