Tesla monitors the driver's attention in real time

Tesla monitors the driver's attention in real time

The American manufacturer Tesla is always at the center of attention and a video was recently published on Twitter showing the ability of the algorithm used by the vehicle's internal camera to recognize the driver's level of attention; in fact, although previously Elon Musk himself had stated that the function of the internal camera would have been to monitor the passenger compartment when in the future Tesla cars will be used as autonomous taxis called Robotaxis, now it seems that they are also used to provide accurate data on the attention of the driver, managing to steal a wide range of information.

Towards the end of 2020, the American brand had released an OTA update which offered the possibility of using the internal camera - voluntarily - to develop security solutions; recently some users of the beta version of FSD were denied access to the function because the data recorded by the internal video camera had detected a lack of attention from the driver, so we can say that the American house is collecting and using the data it needs , refining the system as best as possible to be able to introduce it on the market via OTA update in the coming months.

The question of many was the following: if Tesla is able to monitor these behaviors, why does it not warn the driver to pay attention ? The most logical answer is that Tesla wants to introduce this feature in the next update.

Many users were skeptical that Tesla could actually use a technology like the one described above, at least until it was possible to see it in action; the video that appeared on the net, in fact, is not official Tesla but was released by a hacker who managed to extrapolate this data from the internal camera.

Interesting that "phone use" for Tesla means "driver is holding a phone in front of them" not "driver is talking on a phone that's pressed to their ear". pic.twitter.com/7Dumsx3Kmq

- green (@greentheonly) April 7, 2021

Apparently the system monitors the driver's eyes continuously and surprisingly it even recognizes when a mobile phone is being used, underlining it under the heading Phone use.

In recent times, the American brand has been under careful observation by the Chinese government which is increasingly worried about the use of cameras in its vehicles and has forced Tesla to issue an official press release in which it stressed that at the moment a no Chinese user has ever been asked to activate the indoor camera and that privacy is taken seriously in Musk's home, underlining how unnecessarily risky it would be for Tesla itself to use its cars to spy on other countries.