Square Enix invests in the graphics sector: Image Studio Division is born

Square Enix invests in the graphics sector: Image Studio Division is born

Square Enix invests in the graphics sector

With a considerable number of projects in the pipeline, Square Enix continues to invest in research development, with an interesting announcement that confirms the gaming giant's commitment to technological advancement.

Directly from In fact, Japan comes the official announcement of the birth of the Square Enix Image Studio Division. Specifically, the new division is the result of the merger of the already existing Visual Works Division and Image Arts Division. The former has for a long time been involved in the creation of pre-rendered film sequences for the company's games, while the latter - which includes many of the authors of Kingslaive: Final Fantasy XV - has recently concentrated on development activities of high-level visual rendering techniques, with particular focus on the real-time performance of the graphics sector.

The new Image Studio Division will have the task of accelerating the development process of expression technologies next-gen character visual. The ultimate goal is obviously to incorporate the results of the new division's activities into the games under development at Square Enix's multiple teams. At the moment, however, the company has not offered further details regarding the activities of the new division.

Among the many titles currently in development at the Japanese giant, we find Forspoken, now ex Project- Athia, expected in 2022 on PC and PS5. Interesting rumors would also like in the works a new Kingdom Hearts in Unreal Engine 5.

Final Fantasy 7 Remake Ending Explained

FF7R expands on the other characters in Barret's crew: Biggs, Wedge, and Jessie. 'Though there are differences on how we depict the characters, their talkativeness is a counter-reaction to the strong sense or fear, guilt, and conflict they hide deep within their hearts,' Scenario Writer Kazushige Nojima told Inverse. The added content fleshes out their backgrounds and personalities. For example, in the Mad Dash chapter, Cloud finds out that Jessie quit her job as an actress to join Avalanche after her father fell into a mako-induced coma. 

Details like these give Cloud (and players) reasons to empathize with the characters before he leaves them behind in Midgar. Jessie's death brings Tifa to tears and visibly upsets Cloud. Biggs, a former school teacher, seems to fall to Shinra soldiers but survives in the end. Wedge, a cat lover and informant, fights off Whispers as fiery chunks of debris fall above him. All three crew members died in the original, although Biggs' survival brings into question whether Wedge or even Jessie might be alive.

While the story doesn't bring Biggs, Wedge, or Jessie outside of Midgar, they fill an emotionally void place in the original game with meaningful interactions. In the original, Cloud immediately goes on the next reactor mission without any changes in his relationships.