Playstation: Sony ready to invest in cloud gaming

Playstation: Sony ready to invest in cloud gaming


If Microsoft and Xbox have been on the road to cloud gaming for a while, Sony with its PlayStation has been "slightly behind", not that it is a particular problem, indeed the strategy of the Japanese company has always been different. However, according to a report from Bloomberg, the Japanese giant would seem to be preparing large investments in this new market.

Sony would have invested in a company, such Ubitus born in Taiwan which in Japan mainly deals with offering all types of services for this specific market. This Tokyo-based company has been active in the cloud sector for 14 years now. This could be the perfect company to take PlayStation to the next level, focusing strongly on this new world and thus winking at Microsoft.

In recent days, Ubitus would have reported that it has had an investment mandate from large companies in the sector including Sony, Square-Enix, Tencent and many others. It should not be such a revealing news as the relationship between the company active in the cloud sector and the Japanese company has been consolidated for some time, this report testifies to an increase in investments. The Tokyo-based company would have obtained liquidity equal to 400 million dollars, of which about 10% or 42 million from Sony and / or companies related to it.

In short, we'll see what it will happen in the near future. For some time now, Sony has been seeing a strong focus on this market thanks to the service offered by PlayStation Now, which in the last period is becoming a more than solid reality capable of even enhancing the new console in this respect. For any news and more detailed information about it, we invite you to follow our pages as usual.

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PlayStation Indie Games: All the Reveals and Announcements Today

We showed off the game at Gamescom 2020, and PlayStation's blog dives into its multiple art styles, as well as telling us that the game will range from office break-ins to high-speed chases.

Nour: Play With Your Friend looks like a heck of a trip in the tastiest way. Published by the same company as Untitled Goose Game, Nour is a game where you play with your food, and the game's music and sound will react accordingly.

Using 'adaptive background music,' Nour's tunes and sound effect will shift depending on what you do to the (extremely nice looking) food in front of you. Different foods correspond to different sounds; you can move them around, make messes, and even blow into the microphone for different effects. In a PlayStation blog post, developer Terrifying Jellyfish's Maximillian C Mueller describes 'noodle harps,' airy marshmallow flute sounds, ice cube grand pianos, turning toasters into drum sets, and a meat grinder set to heavy metal.

The video above explains it best by showing how food interfaces with sound, but Mueller also sums it up best in the blog with an example:

'Perhaps the best example of physical instrumentation in Nour is the noodle harp. Make some noodles, arrange them to form an elegant slope (or monster) using the magnet, and freeze them. While there are many ways you could choose to play the harp, one of my favorites is simply letting a gyoza tumble down the sculpture to create a descending melody.'

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