New Tesla Cybertruck sighting at Gigafactory in Texas

New Tesla Cybertruck sighting at Gigafactory in Texas

The official presentation of Tesla Cybertruck - the one during which Elon Musk stoned the reinforced glass, much to his disappointment - dates back to well over a year ago, and in the meantime there has been much talk of Tesla's pick-up, although very little official information has circulated.

Unfortunately today is not the day when we can bring you new information, but we can tell you about the last sighting of the Cybertruck, which took place a few days ago inside the Gigafactory construction site of Austin, Texas. All starting from the 'Tesla Owners Online' Twitter account, which must have received the report from some worker present on site; Elon Musk himself was present at the construction site of the American Gigafactory, and promptly replied to the tweets of the account, also providing some answers on which to reason.

The presence of Musk and the new Tesla Cybertruck - which will be assembled at the Gigafactory under construction right now in Texas - it is probably organized as a motivational operation towards the workers, also because several videos circulate on the net from which it is understood how the pick-up was made available to everyone, to shooting videos and taking photos of the interior as well.

The most interesting question posed by the 'Tesla Owners Online' Twitter account was precisely in reference to the construction of the Gigafactory: “it seems that the construction of the factory is going very well. Are the first deliveries still expected by the end of the year? " was the question posed to Elon Musk, who responded in a somewhat cryptic way, underlining how "this year there is a limited production of Model Y, next year it will be produced in large volumes". Reading between the lines, you can understand how the production of the Cybertruck is entirely postponed to 2022, with the end of 2021 being dedicated to the production of Model Y.

Among the photos that have appeared online of this nice event, one of the most interesting images is undoubtedly that of Elon Musk's Tesla Model S Plaid, which has a very sharp and pleasant line.