Horizon Zero Dawn: Story continues in comic book series

Horizon Zero Dawn: Story continues in comic book series

Horizon Zero Dawn

The former PS4-exclusive Sony title Horizon: Zero Dawn appeared four years ago and last year for the PC, but is still up to date. Since this Tuesday, April 20th, the action RPG has been available free of charge to owners of Playstation 4 and 5 as part of Sony's Play-at-Home initiative. That should increase the anticipation for the successor Horizon: Forbidden West, which is supposed to be released this year. But fans of the franchise can look forward to even more adventures with protagonist Aloy aside from the gaming sector.

As Titan Comics has now announced, the successful comic series will be Horizon: Zero Dawn (buy now 22 , 78 € / 44.99 €) also continued. In contrast to the previous comics, this time there is no connection to the conclusion of the story in the game. The new series, titled Horizon: Zero Dawn - Liberation, is a new story arc that is timed during the events in the game. In Liberation, Aloy and Erend experience a previously untold quest.

In Liberation, Aloy and the Oseram pursue a mysterious killer who is somehow related to Erend's past. Aloy should also learn the background to the liberation of Meridian and the murder of Erend's sister. Anne Toole and Ben McCaw are again responsible for the story, who already worked on the story of the game and wrote the first series of comics for Horizon.

The first volume of Horizon: Zero Dawn - Liberation is due on 14. July 2021. It is still unclear whether and if so when a German translation will be available.

Source: Titan Comics

Horizon Zero Dawn Comic Series Presents Stunning Artwork and #1 Covers

Get your Aloy fix in Titan Comic’s new adventure of Horizon Zero Dawn

Aloy certainly is a popular person lately, isn’t she? First, she gets a beautiful skin in Fortnite and then we see her, once again, gracing the covers of a graphic novel as Titan Comics continues her story.

Titan Comics and Guerrilla have teamed up again to offer fans more of Aloy’s story arc in issue #1 of the new Horizon Zero Dawn comic series titled Liberation.

Ahead of the first issue launch, fans get a little look at what the covers will look like before they pick them up as well as some gorgeous artwork by Peach Momoko, an incredible Marvel artist who continues to wow comic book collectors around the world with a portfolio that includes Captain Marvel and Spider-Gwen.



Liberation narrates a new chapter of the Horizon Zero Dawn story that surrounds the events of the original game. This time, Aloy and her sidekick Erend head off on an adventure as they hunt for a killer all whist facing off against deadly machines.



Just like Titan Comics’ first series, this new adventure is written by Horizon Zero Dawn narrative director Ben McCaw and writer Anne Toole from Guerrilla Games.

Art Work

Responding to the success of the first arc Narrative Director Ben McCaw stated “All of us who worked on the story – myself, Anne Toole, Annie Kitain, and Ari Martinez – feel humbled by the praise the series has received. During the writing process, we could only hope that fans would connect with the characters the same way we do, and it’s gratifying to hear that we succeeded.”

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Horizon Zero Dawn Liberation‘s first issue will launch on 14th July and is available to pre-order here.

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