Ferrari 812 Imola, will you be the last V12 from Maranello?

Ferrari 812 Imola, will you be the last V12 from Maranello?

Ferrari 812 Imola

With a view to continuous down-sizing, Ferrari is also preparing to introduce models characterized by more compact and less polluting engines; it is a strategy adopted by many manufacturers of sports and non-sports cars, therefore it is a dynamic that is certainly not surprising. A clear example is represented by Mercedes-AMG with the latest 2021 C-Class which has gone over the years from a 6.3-liter V8 engine to the current 4-cylinder 2-liter combined with a hybrid unit.

In this regard, Ferrari also specified that more hybrid models will be built over the next few years until the arrival of a true zero-emission electric vehicle. Meanwhile, the Maranello-based brand has continued, in parallel, the development of further V12 variants such as the long-awaited 812 GTO (or Imola) expected at the presentation next Thursday.

The new high-end supercar will be based largely on the current 812 SuperFast, on the market for some years now. Disturbances are expected in aerodynamic management, with a more aggressive front hood, from which to evacuate the hot air and channel the air flows towards the tail more effectively.

Under the hood, as anticipated, it is a revision of the current aspirated V12 engine with more than 800 HP is expected. An increase in power and torque is therefore expected, some rumors suggest that the engine of the 812 Imola will have the best hp / liter ratio ever, more precisely of 123 hp / liter: a value never seen before on board a car. Ferrari road.

The name takes up a tradition of symbolic tracks that has been going on for Ferrari for some time now; in fact, how can we forget the modern 599 GTB Fiorano and the more recent SP1 and SP2 Monza. Price and circulation still a mystery even if it is foreseeable that 812 Imola will be available to a limited number of buyers at a figure certainly higher than the current 300 thousand euros of the SuperFast variant.

Hotter Ferrari 812 Reportedly Debuting May 5, Name Still Unknown

a person driving a car: Ferrari 812 GTO Spy Photos Front Three Quarters © Copyright Ferrari 812 GTO Spy Photos Front Three Quarters

We've heard VS, GTO, and even Daytona being tossed around.

We know Ferrari is cooking up something special for the 812 Superfast. Our first clue came way back in June 2020, when a black test car was caught turning laps at Ferrari's Fiorano circuit. Occasional sightings have graced our digital halls since then, with the most recent being spy shots from March 22. Camouflage coverings replaced the basic black body, suggesting a final production form was hiding underneath.

That leaves the world with just one question: when will it be revealed? The answer might be May 5 if a post at Ferrari Chat is to be believed, and there's very good reason to believe it. That's because it comes from legendary Ferrari historian Marcel Massini, who actually mentioned two dates for the future Ferrari. In a short post that just went up today, the first date is April 21 where the car will be shown to a select audience of potential buyers. As for the rest of the world, a press release is said to be coming on May 5.

No, it's not an official confirmation but it's certainly credible. It also lines up with recent 812 sightings and news, not the least of which being a video from Ferrari that allegedly went out to the aforementioned group of buyers, stating a reveal was coming soon. That video showed up on February 18 – Enzo Ferrari's birthday – so as we move into mid-April, the term coming soon holds considerably more immediacy.

What we don't yet know is the name for this amped-up 812. Rumors have it reviving the GTO moniker, which could be quite appropriate as this might be the last naturally-aspirated, front-engined V12 Ferrari of them all. It will also be the most powerful, so those three iconic letters would certainly be a proper fit. We've also heard talk of the Daytona coming back, and there was even some speculation that it could get the name of a race track, such as Imola. There's also the possibility that the new 812 could wear a VS badge, taken directly from the February 18 announcement simply calling it a Versione Speciale, or special version.

In any case, it's highly likely that we only have a few more weeks of suspense before all is revealed.

Source: Ferrari Chat