DOTA 2: Netflix will release the docu-film "Free to play", but you can see it right now

DOTA 2: Netflix will release the docu-film Free to play, but you can see it right now


Shortly after the release of the animated series Dota: Dragon's Blood, Netflix will publish Free to play, a documentary dedicated to DOTA 2. This is a feature film that reveals some details on the eSport scene linked to Valve's multiplayer title. It will be possible to see it, also in Italy, starting Monday, April 19, 2021.

The feature film was created by Valve during The International 2011 event, a major event worth one million dollars. Following are the stories of three professional eSporters: Danil 'Dendi' Ishutin, Benedict Lim 'hyhy' Han Yong, and Clinton 'Fear' Loomis. The documentary is not particularly linked to the functioning of the game in and of itself, but rather to the human side of the competition and the personal events of the three sportsmen involved.

At the beginning of the news you can find the entire documentary, available in full format on Valve's YouTube channel since 2014, the year of release. This is therefore not new, but it is an important move for Valve, which can take advantage of Netflix to access a new audience and gain new visibility.

For the moment it is not clear whether the arrival on Netflix will mean the removal of Free to play from YouTube: it seems unlikely, but the opposite has not been specified. Dota 2 is a successful game, but not too long ago Valheim broke his own record of contemporary players, even surpassing the work of Valve.

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Dota 2 Summer 2021 workshop Call to Arms announcement: Players left wondering about Collecter's Cache and Battle Pass

After much speculation, Valve officially announced the Dota 2 Summer 2021 Workshop Call to Arms.

This workshop will allow for user-created content selected through voting in the steam workshop to be added in-game. However, the late announcement and the absence of Collector’s Cache might hint at the community-driven treasure missing and the possible absence of Dota 2 Battle Pass 2021.

The Dota 2 Summer 2021 Workshop Call to Arms invites creators to design and develop in-game cosmetic items for the Steam Workshop.

The Dota 2 Summer 2021 workshop Call to Arms

On April 16th, 2021, Valve officially announced the Dota 2 Summer 2021 Workshop Call to Arms, including user-created cosmetic items in-game through the steam workshop.

Players can submit their creations on the steam workshop with the “Summer 2021” tag by 6th July 2021 to be eligible.

Valve is well known to include user-created cosmetic content on Dota 2 with the annual Collector’s Cache limited time treasures during The International every year. There have been nine Collector’s Cache since its inception in 2015, as it was increased to two Collector’s Cache in 2018.


CollectorCollector's Cache (Image by

Generally, the Collector’s Cache Call to Arms is announced every year around mid-February to early March. As the estimated time period of the announcement came and went, players grew impatient and wondered about the possibility of 2021 Collector’s Cache.

Finally, after much speculation, Valve announced that user-created cosmetic content would be included in Dota 2 for 2021. However, the announcement did not mention Collector’s Cache, instead opting for the Summer 2021 Workshop.

The uncertainty of Collector’s Cache 2021 and the delayed The International (TI) 10 has left players wondering about the 2021 Battle Pass of Dota 2.

There might not be a 2021 Battle Pass in Dota 2


Dota 2 Introduces a Battle Pass that contains new cosmetic items and many in-game customization options, leading up to the annual international. 25% of the player base for the Battle Pass contributes to the prize pool of TI and brings the community together.

Unfortunately, The International 10 was delayed from 2020 due to a worldwide pandemic. This has thrown the annual cycle of TI into disarray. Due to the unconventional situation, along with the delayed announcement of user-generated content and the absence of Collector’s Cache, some players have concluded that there might not be a Battle Pass in 2021.

In a Reddit thread over on r/DotA2, user r/n3cooling wrote:

OK, so from the year 2017 to 2020, there was always a Collector's Cache Call to Arms post, for 2019, the post was posted on Mar 14, 2019, for 2020, the post was posted on Feb 12, 2020, this year, there is no call to arms post, many workshop artists are wondering what is going on, finally, yesterday there is a call to arms post posted, but instead of Collector's Cache Call to Arms, it is a Summer 2021 Workshop Call to Arms, nothing mentioned about Collector's Cache. So does this mean there is no Battle Pass this year?

Valve might introduce The International 10 Collector’s Cache III due to the extended period till TI 10.

As for the Battle Pass, it would be possible for a 2021 edition to be launched after TI in August 2021. However, at this point, everything is at a speculative stage regarding the future of Collector’s Chace, Battle Pass, TI, and Dota 2.

Published 18 Apr 2021, 12:51 IST