Death Stranding on PC was a hit! But how much did it sell?

Death Stranding on PC was a hit! But how much did it sell?

Digital Bros, the Italian Global Company mother of 505 Games, has published its financial report for the year ended December 31, 2020. The numbers confirm the success of Death Stranding, the work of Kojima Productions, originally published on PS4 and later to land on PC (with publisher 505 Games) in July 2020. But how much did Hideo Kojima's latest effort sell? Let's analyze together the financial data extrapolated from the report published by Digital Bros to find out!

Well, the PC version of Sam Porter Bridges' adventure has made 23 million euros (27.3 million dollars) since its debut, until December 31, 2020. A success to say the least stratospheric: the title, in fact, has obtained more satisfactory results than Control and Ghostrunner (both published by 505 Games), even if the first has earned a higher figure, in a period of time lower, than its release on PC in 2019. Obviously, as regards Ghostrunner's revenues, its revenues will have to be awaited during 2021.

The report also reveals a further curiosity: the PC represented the platform with the most digital revenue for Digital Bros, with a percentage of 66%. While Xbox, Nintendo and PlayStation only accounted for 28% of total digital revenue. Going back to talking about Kojima, is Abandoned the new title of the brilliant creator of the Metal Gear saga? We have analyzed different sources to try to find the truth: click here to view our news about it!

Death Stranding, has certainly fascinated a myriad of gamers, thanks to its narrative and its gameplay structure (which love or hate). But, two years later, the journey to the desolate lands of America still hides several secrets within it. Just yesterday, we were able to see a short video of the secret game: you can view it by clicking here.

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