Cobra Kai's mansion is for sale

Cobra Kai's mansion is for sale

The Daniel LaRusso villa, one of the protagonists of Cobra Kai, is currently for sale and is located in Georgia and not in California where the series is set.

The real mansion can be admired on the website Atlanta Fine Homes and is described as, in fact, "known by millions as the LaRusso Mansion from Netflix's best-selling series Cobra Kai".

The description goes on to say that it is known as Villa Flora and it has been completely refurbished, as well as being the creation of an award-winning architect and an international chef. The style is inspired by the time in which the two lived on the Amalfi coast, of which they wanted to imitate the architectural style.

Other features of the house include a Ludowici terra cotta roof, doors and windows of Pella, large indoor and outdoor living areas, beautiful gardens, six bathrooms, six bedrooms, a swimming pool and many other things.

Cobra Kai is set 34 years after the events of the first Karate Kid movie. , but the point of view followed is that of Johnny Lawrence, the "villain" and his path of redemption that will lead him to reopen the Cobra Kai dojo, reviving the rivalry with Daniel LaRusso, who is instead, he became an auto show entrepreneur.

The series was initially produced by Youtube as an original and exclusive content of the Youtube Premium platform, and then, starting from the third season, it passed on to Netflix, which he has cured (and will cure) all of them future seasons.

There is no official release date yet for the fourth season of Cobra Kai, but Netflix assures it will arrive on the platform by the end of 2021.

Nel meanwhile, if you also want to feel part of the Cobra Kai, you can buy the t-shirt with the dojo logo by simply clicking on this link.