Children of Morta: Family Trials DLC is now available for free download

Children of Morta: Family Trials DLC is now available for free download

Children of Morta

For the indie hit Children of Morta, the developers at 11bit Studios are delivering the Family Trials mode as a free update. Apart from the main campaign, you select the new game mode and enter the new dungeon cycle. On paper, the task sounds very simple: reach the last level and defeat the final boss. To reach a new level, you complete different goals. If you go on it meanwhile, you start over and all rooms are randomly regenerated. Here you choose between the levels of difficulty Hard and Insane.

The more difficult the challenge, the more levels you have to complete. All the skills of the Bergson family members are available right from the start. The skill tree has been replaced by a new talent system. With each level-up you choose a new talent for your character. You use the Gemshards as currency in this mode to receive rewards and upgrades in the new shop. Runes are part of the talent system and no longer drop in the dungeon as a reward.

Everyone who owns Children of Morta (buy now / 19.79 €) receives the Family Trials mode for free with the current patch . To do this, simply turn on Steam, your PS4 (PS5) or Xbox Series X or Xbox One or Nintendo Switch and start the update manually or automatically. In our test for Children of Morta you will learn many details about the fantastic rogue-lite from Publisher 11bit Studios.

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Dead Mage’s Children of Morta Gets Biggest Update Yet Via Family Trials

More than eighteen months after it first released back in September 2019, developer Dead Mage’s brilliant take on roguelite, dungeon-crawling in the form of Children of Morta, is today getting quite possibly one of its biggest content updates thus far. In what’s been a steady stream of new content and updates alike throughout 2020 and beyond. What’s more, it’s completely free for anyone who owns a copy of the game already.

Family Trials distils the base game’s experience right down to a solitary, single-life run where it’s all about how far and how long you can survive. Faced against an even greater number of foes at one time — more than what players usually come up against in the game’s main campaign — Family Trials is a more traditional take on the standard roguelite formula, with skills and traits to stack along the way as well as the ability to custom-tailor your build depending on the character you choose to take on the challenge. Children of Morta, as well as its newly-released update Family Trials, is available now across PS4, Xbox One, Switch & PC.