A copy of Super Mario Bros sold at mind-boggling figures!

A copy of Super Mario Bros sold at mind-boggling figures!

A copy in near perfect condition of Super Mario Bros for NES (of which you can purchase the Lego version via this link) was sold at auction for a whopping 660,000 dollars, a price beaten after a fierce competition between 13 participants making the original owner of the game the beauty of $ 550,000! The copy sold was one of the first versions of the title marketed in the United States. Subsequently, Super Mario Bros had 11 different packaging variants, each with a different degree of rarity.

Heritage Auctions, the company that oversaw the sale, certifies that the cartridge dates from late 1986. It was reportedly bought originally as a Christmas present and then, for some reason, remained locked in a desk drawer for nearly four decades. "I literally forgot about it", the lucky seller would have told the auction house, who understandably asked to remain anonymous, given the size of the sums.

The 660,000 dollars paid for this copy of Super Mario Bros are, even in the narrow context of this type of collecting, a truly crazy figure. Nintendo PlayStation, a one-of-a-kind prototype that represents a veritable relic of the history of the video game, was auctioned last year for "only" $ 360,000 while, more recently, someone paid $ 156,000 to buy. a pristine copy of Super Mario Bros 3.

Figures of this kind, however, should not make us believe that we can easily find a small treasure in the dusty boxes that lie in the cellar or in the attic. To reach such prices, the cartridges, but also the comics and any other type of collectible, must be in perfect condition, packaging and packaging included, preferably still sealed. However, in case you manage to find such a discovery, know that the day is about to take a very different turn!

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