CD Projekt purchased due to Cyberpunk 2077? The team comments

CD Projekt purchased due to Cyberpunk 2077? The team comments

Cyberpunk 2077 was certainly the most talked about title of last year. Expected for eight years, CD Projekt RED's work has made most of the public turn up their noses, considering it a mediocre job, especially when played on old gen consoles. The title, we will repeat it indefinitely, is massive and impressive, but probably the Polish team has taken a step longer than the leg, releasing a wonderful game at the plot level but incomplete for the rest.

This immediately gave rise to various discussions on the web, among many precisely that of the possibility of being purchased by a more economically powerful company. In fact, we have seen that despite Cyberpunk 2077 has really sold a lot, refunds have reached crazy figures and probably could increase over time, unless the Polish company proposes a worthy title through constant updates, a promise that is assumed to be kept according to the large number of patch and free additional content coming soon.

The development team recently commented on this idea that is bouncing around the web, namely the possible acquisition of the company by some decidedly more weighty entities in the world of gaming. “Nothing has changed in this sense. We are managing our business optimally and for this we have full competence. We are not currently planning to sell our company to a larger group like Microsoft, Tencent or Sony. "

In short, Adam Kicinski, co-president of CD Projekt RED has denied, at least for the moment, a possible sale of the company. After all, we have been able to see in the course of these months how the company has in mind to reorganize the team over the next year and how there are already projects underway. Despite the disastrous launch of Cyberpunk 2077 it seems that CD Projekt RED wants to go back to being one of the most loved companies ever, but it will take a lot of patches to heal this wound.

At this Amazon address you can buy Cyberpunk 2077, reminding you that it is possible to play it in backward compatibility with the latest generation consoles.