The most loved Pokémon in the world: a map of the most popular creatures, country by country

The most loved Pokémon in the world: a map of the most popular creatures, country by country

The most loved Pokémon in the world

Pokémon turns 25 in this period and, for the occasion, The Toy Zone website has organized a very interesting initiative, which allows you to detect which are the most popular creatures in the world and their respective preferences that emerge country by country. bringing everything back to a global map.

In what could be one of the most elaborate initiatives of this Pokémon's 25th anniversary, also coming from an unofficial source, The Toy Zone has collected data starting from research on Google: it found the largest amount of searches on Pokémon made country by country, thus being able to see which creatures are the most popular in each different geographic area.

The result is this large all-themed planisphere Pokémon, which demonstrates what each country's specific preferences are. Obviously, the search system used does not guarantee great accuracy, but we can get general ideas on the preferences regarding Pokémon.

For example, we note how, globally, the most popular Pokémon turns out to be Pikachu, which appears about once in ten on the map, but very particular results also emerge, such as Onix which is particularly sought after in Latin America, while Europe proves to be rather varied in tastes. In Italy, in particular, the most popular Pokémon seems to be Charizard.

Note, however, that the result for Japan does not correspond with the official survey that had been held by The Pokémon Company in that country some time ago ago, which demonstrates how everything is somewhat arbitrary: in this new map Kabuto is the most popular creature, while Dedenne emerged from the survey.

For the rest, we await information on the new chapters of the series in development, that is Pokémon Shining Diamond and Shining Pearl and Pokémon Legends: Arceus.

The world map on the most popular Pokémon country by country, from The Toy Zone Source

Top 5 shiny Pokemon in Sword and Shield

Shiny Pokemon are a trainer's biggest treasures in the world of Pokemon.

There are general classifications for how various shiny Pokemon look, such as 'pink,' 'green' or 'barely different.' However, regardless of how awesome or lackluster a shiny variant may be, the recolor has absolutely no influence on a Pokemon's combat prowess.

As such, this is a list based purely on aesthetics and general popularity.

Note: This article is subjective and reflects the opinion of the writer.

#5 - Grapploct

Shiny Grapploct and Clobbopus (Image via Amino Apps)

Shiny Grapploct and Clobbopus (Image via Amino Apps)Shiny Grapploct and Clobbopus (Image via Amino Apps)

While definitely not the best-performing or most loved Pokemon in Sword and Shield, Grapploct's shiny variant is an incredibly designed recolor of the already decent-looking Pokemon.

With its blue sections turned red and its black parts turned white, Grapploct looks extremely similar to a Luchador. It would certainly be entertaining to throw this Grapploct into the ring with Hawlucha for some serious wrestling (though, in terms of actual battling, Hawlicha wins every time).

#4 - Gigalith

Shiny Gigalith (Image via Game Rant)

Shiny Gigalith (Image via Game Rant)Shiny Gigalith (Image via Game Rant)

Gigalith was already a cool-looking Pokemon, but this simple color inversion takes its appearance to a whole new level. The chill blue crystals sprouting from all over its body pair exceptionally well with its dark-colored base, bringing together the image of a hulking crystalline monstrosity.

#3 - Trevenant

Shiny Trevenant (Image via AutobotTesla on DeviantArt)

Shiny Trevenant (Image via AutobotTesla on DeviantArt)Shiny Trevenant (Image via AutobotTesla on DeviantArt)

Shiny Trevenant beautifully captures the imagery of a dead tree, drained of all life, that has been possessed by a vengeful revenant in pursuit of revenge.


The blood-red leaves, bone-white bark and ghastly purple eye all cover the inner black void of Trevenant's inner body. Treveneant's original design was already fantastic (even if the Pokemon itself isn't), but its shiny variant is truly wondrous.

#2 - Wooloo

Wooloo and Shiny Wooloo (Image via Pinterest)

Wooloo and Shiny Wooloo (Image via Pinterest)Wooloo and Shiny Wooloo (Image via Pinterest)

Shiny Wooloo is another great design, even if it is just a simple color inversion. What makes shiny Wooloo stand out when compared to other shinies in Sword and Shield is the surprisingly large following that it has.

This is thanks to the antics of RTGame and his successful quest to complete Pokemon Shield (plus the DLCs) using only a shiny Wooloo named Cupcake. An incredible amount of fan art and support for the lovable sweet sheep came from this mission, bringing shiny Wooloo to the front of shiny stardom.

#1 - Metagross

Shiny Metagross (Image via Animo Apps)

Shiny Metagross (Image via Animo Apps)Shiny Metagross (Image via Animo Apps)


Even five generations after its introduction, Metagross continues to be one of the most popular Pokemon of all time. Part of that persistent popularity may be due to its gorgeous shiny recolor.

Changing the dull blue steel to silver results in a completely different vibe, making Metagross look almost like it's made of liquid metal. This complements the new golden decals extremely well.

Metagross looks both dangerous and regal in its new color scheme, which suits the solid-steel behemoth perfectly.

Published 19 Mar 2021, 06:44 IST
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