Xbox suspended nearly 4.8 million accounts in 2022

Xbox suspended nearly 4.8 million accounts in 2022

In the latest Xbox Transparency Report, Microsoft revealed that it suspended nearly 4.8 million accounts from Xbox services in the first half of 2022, through a mix of reactive and proactive moderation. The growth of Xbox and PC Game Pass have seen the company's efforts to make sure gamers have a clean online experience without enduring harassment or having to put up with cheaters.

As mentioned, to counter the arrival of the most toxic phenomena in the gaming world, Microsoft uses two joint methods: a proactive moderation system, which allows it to automatically identify phenomena such as cheating and fake accounts, and one of reactive moderation, which intervenes in case of reports from the users themselves.

Xbox fights cheaters and fake accounts According to data, the 4.8 million blocked accounts were mostly fake or used for cheating. The effort to clean up the Xbox ecosystem is part of Phil Spencer's promised efforts to make it more welcoming, so as to guarantee a better 2023 for the brand

Other reasons for the bans were the violation of the rules for dissemination of sexual content, scams, bullying and other infringements of the regulation. It should be emphasized that these types of bans were the minority, compared to the main ones.

99.9% of those banned for fake accounts and cheating were detected by proactive moderation, i.e. they were automatically kicked out of the system before they could ruin the experience for other players.

The report makes it clear that Microsoft is also trying to fight certain phenomena with every possible means, which end up driving away from the online many users who just want to have fun and find a welcoming community to stay in.

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