Xbox Game Pass: games removed from subscription in early November 2022 confirmed

Xbox Game Pass: games removed from subscription in early November 2022 confirmed

Xbox Game Pass

Microsoft has revealed which games will be removed from the Xbox Game Pass catalog in the first half of November 2022. Let's see the list with related platforms and removal date:

Football Manager 2022 (PC) - 08/11/22 Football Manager 2022 Xbox Edition (Cloud, Console and PC) - 08/11/22 Art of Rally (Cloud, Console and PC) - 15/11/22 Fae Tactics (Cloud, Console and PC) - 15/11/22 Next Space Rebel (Cloud, Console and PC) - 15/11/22 One Step from Eden (Cloud , Console and PC) - 15/11/22 Supraland (Cloud, Console and PC) - 15/11/22

The games removed from Xbox Game Pass by mid-November 2022 are therefore seven. As for Football Manager 2022, the removal is a consequence of the arrival of the new chapter. The 2023 edition will be present from the day of its release, so the old edition is no longer useful. This practice is normal for the service.

In the removal list we find Art of Rally, a driving game with a colorful style. Fae Tactics is instead a turn-based strategy with an isometric view set in a fairy world. Next Space Rebel, on the other hand, is an appreciated simulation game linked to the construction of space rockets, of increasingly higher complexity.

One Step from Eden, on the other hand, is an action roguelite with a touch of strategy that is played on a chessboard using a deck of cards that must be upgraded during the game. Supraland, finally, is a game that blends metroidvania, portal puzzle games and the first person adventure inspired by The Legend of Zelda.

We remind you that once removed the games can no longer be used, even if you have already downloaded them. This means that if you want to play them before their removal you have to do it in these weeks, so as to make the most of the catalog.

Finally, we leave you to the list of games that will instead be added to Xbox Game Pass at the beginning of November 2022, starting today!

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