RTX Day: NVIDIA celebrates the launch of the RTX 4080 with an event

RTX Day: NVIDIA celebrates the launch of the RTX 4080 with an event


Tomorrow is the big day of the market debut of the new NVIDIA GeForce RTX 4080, a graphics card that has already had a rather troubled start as initially two models were planned, one of which (the one with 12GB of on board) was canceled as the nomenclature, according to many and the company itself, did not reflect the real capabilities of the device.

The version that you will find on sale, consequently, will be equipped with an AD103 GPU with 9,728 CUDA Cores, 76 3rd Generation RT Cores for real-time ray tracing, 304 4th Generation Tensor Cores for handling DLSS and AI workloads, 304 Texture Units, and a maximum frequency of 2505 MHz. The 16GB of memory are of the GDDDR6X type with a speed of 22.4 Gb/s on a 256-bit interface, for a total bandwidth of 716.8 GB/s.

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Yesterday, we told you about the interesting tests carried out by Igor's Lab, which coupled the new frame generation via AI to competing upscalers such as AMD FSR 2.1 and Intel XeSS. For more details, we advise you to read our previous dedicated news.

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