Mario Strikers: Battle League, the free demo available now in the Switch eShop

Mario Strikers: Battle League, the free demo available now in the Switch eShop

Mario Strikers

A few months after its debut in stores, today Nintendo has published a free demo of Mario Striker: Battle League Football in the Switch eShop, now available for download.

This trial version allows you to play with a selection of characters, stadiums and modes, thus allowing you to experience first-hand the characteristics of the Nintendo Switch arcade sports title that mixes soccer, special skills and blows of mind.

There are however some limitations on the number of games you can play in the Mario Strikers: Battle League Football demo. In fact, players can face up to a maximum of seven quick games and one time the Cannon Cup, the only competition included in the Cup Battles. In any case, the "attempts" available should be enough to get an idea of ​​the game.

And if not, we suggest you read our review of Mario Strikers: Battle League Football, in which Alessandro Bacchetta states:

"Super Mario Strikers: Battle League Football has kept us entertained for hours and hours, in its mix between futsal and scrolling fighting games. It has excellent controls, mechanics that are not very simple but layered and complex, which integrate well between them and, taken to the highest level, they generate an intense, adrenaline-pumping and very varied experience. As well as very varied, unlike the number of characters ("only" ten, for now), are the statistics and skills of the players . We also strongly appreciated the liveliness of the ball, and the realism of its movements, capable of generating unpredictable situations: a real rarity for games of this genre. The limited number of modes and contents, together with some uncertain mechanics (the through ball in particular), prevent the game from reaching excellence. He remains, along with Mario Tennis Aces, the best Mario sportsman of the era in high definition. A domineering return to metal! "

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