Arcane Season 2: the authors concede some details during a Q&A

Arcane Season 2: the authors concede some details during a Q&A

Arcane Season 2

Arcane co-creators Christian Linke and Alex Yee recently spoke on the League of Legends show's subreddit to answer a few questions about Season 2 on the occasion of the series' first anniversary. During the Q&A, some small details were revealed.

When asked to describe Arcane Season 2 in one word, Linke chose "war". Linke also replied "oh yes" when asked if Jinx and Ekko will have more interactions next season, although the show's co-creator didn't want to say whether or not Season 2 will be the last one set in the region. Piltover / Zaun.

Regarding the relationships between the characters, the creators of Arcane have stated that in the second season there may or may not be sex scenes: a writer has claimed to have been summarized and that she was the reason why in the first season of Arcane there were sex scenes, so according to him there will also be in the second. Obviously it is not to be considered as a confirmation, but more as a kind of joke.

Jinx from Arcane It also seems that there will be something that fans of Caitlyn and Vi will really like, but there will also be something that such people "probably will hate". Obviously the authors have not gone into details, so it is difficult to understand what they mean.

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