What do we know about the self-certification for the 200 euro bonus

What do we know about the self-certification for the 200 euro bonus

While the July deadline is approaching by which employers will have to pay the 200 euro bonus to public and private employees, or about half of the 31 million Italians who will benefit from the allowance, there are still several points on which await clarification from the government. The one-off contribution introduced in the Aid decree of May was presented as an automatic payment for most of the categories involved. However, as recently pointed out by the Labor Consultant Studies Foundation, a self-certification will be required for some categories of workers.

Why do we need a self-certification? Who will have to self-certify for the 200 euro bonus? Where can you find the form? What we still don't know? Why do we need a self-certification? Article 31 of the Aid decree specifies that "the indemnity is automatically recognized by the employer in the July slip after the employee's declaration that he is not the holder of the services referred to in Article 32, paragraphs 1 and 18". Paragraphs 1 and 18 refer, respectively, to pension and citizenship income. For citizens who receive one of these two forms of indemnity, the automatic disbursement of the 200 euro bonus by INPS is envisaged.

Therefore, in the event that a private employee was part of a household in which recipients of pension or citizenship income belong and received the bonus from his employer, he would be eligible for the allowance twice , which is not expected. A similar argument can be made for employees with multiple employment relationships, who will be able to request 200 euros from only one of their employers. Self-certification is therefore necessary to ensure that each of the beneficiaries receives the indemnity only once.

Who will have to self-certify for the 200 euro bonus? All private employees. For public employees, the payroll services for staff are managed by the IT system of the Ministry of Economy and Finance (Mef). Therefore, the Mef and INPS will directly identify the audience of those entitled to it.

Where can you find the form? At the moment, there is no official form that you can fill out. The Foundation for Labor Consultants Studies has made available a facsimile for the 200 euro bonus, but in fact it does not yet exist.

What do we still not know? In addition to the official form, there is a lack of precise information on the timing with which this self-declaration will be sent and completed, on the methods of receipt by the employers and on who will actually receive the completed forms and will have to check that there are no inconsistencies.