Sony PlayStation establishes a new business software division in China

Sony PlayStation establishes a new business software division in China

Sony Interactive Entertainment has founded a new division of Software Business Development based in China, evidently to strengthen the presence of PlayStation in this area which is proving to be particularly strategic for the future of the brand.

The new section is defined "System Development Department 4" and is described as an established division under the Platform Software Department of the Platform Experience Software Development Headquarters. Heading this new Sony department is Sean Kelly, while the other managers are Momoko Nakatani, Taichi Okabayashi and Yosuke Konishi.

Kelly had already been placed at the top of the business in China, so they are already quite consolidated personnel in the area. The meaning of this maneuver is to be found in the growing importance of the Chinese market for PlayStation: China represents the sixth largest market among those in which PS5 operates and, after 72 weeks from the launch, the sales of the new console are higher by 2.7. times to that recorded by PS4 in the same time period.

Additionally, the average spend per user and PlayStation Plus subscriptions are also higher on PS5 in China than seen in the previous generation. In confirmation of this importance of the Chinese market for Sony, therefore, also comes the creation of this new division, which aims to constitute an important point of reference for PlayStation in this area from an operational point of view.

Considering also other initiatives such as the China Hero Project and the dizzying increase in video game projects from China, we can expect a notable increase not only in the PlayStation business in China, but also in Chinese games in western markets, probably.

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