Alice Madness Returns returns to Steam after being removed

Alice Madness Returns returns to Steam after being removed

Anyone who plays on PC has been through Steam at least once, what is effectively the main gaming platform today. With so many titles now in the store, it may happen that from time to time some experiences disappear from the Valve platform. Usually, when it happens, there is always an official explanation behind it, but the case of the disappearance of Alice Madness Returns is certainly one of the most mysterious.

In these hours the fantastic game developed from Spicy House Games is back on Steam, and to announce the happy news was the creator of the game American McGee himself. The well-known US author has announced the return of Alice Madness Returns on Steam on his Twitter account, revealing that however the support of Valve has not yet revealed why the title has reappeared like this for no apparent reason.

if ( jQuery ("# ​​crm_srl-th_gamedivision_d_mh2_1"). Alice: Madness Returns is back on Steam. Yay!

But Grimm isn't. And zero response from Steam support about any of this. Just Alice mysteriously reappears without a word.

- ⚓ American McGee ‍☠️ (@americanmcgee) June 20, 2022

If you've never played Alice Madness Returns this return unexpected is the perfect opportunity to start this fantastic adventure that for many fans is defined as a real cult of the videogame medium.

American McGee had repeatedly declared that he wanted to make a third chapter of this saga, but for the moment there is still nothing official about a new iteration of this crazy and inspired world of Alice in Wonderland.