The Last of Us 2, revealed some content that we will never play

The Last of Us 2, revealed some content that we will never play

The Last of Us 2

Despite being a very content-rich game, The Last of Us 2 also had to compromise. As reported in a video published on YouTube, in fact, the Naughty Dog house game presents a series of elements that have been eliminated from the final version, but still present on the files of the various versions (digital and physical) released in June 2020. br>
ATTENTION: this article contains spoilers about The Last of Us 2. Continue reading only if you have already played and completed the Naughty Dog adventure.

Brutality will not be a choice
In addition to these contents, the video also shows us a prototype of Jackson, the village where Ellie, Dina and Joel lived before the events that led the protagonist on her journey in search of revenge. Clearly, being a real prototype, the village lacks texture and many other elements that made it as we know it today. You can take a look at the video a little further down.

Cut content is a very common practice in the world of video games, so much so that it is often the developers who have to compromise for various reasons. In addition to the Naughty Dog adventure, other titles have recently undergone the same treatment. An example? Elden Ring, with FromSoftware eliminating entire game zones, quests and more.

The Last of Us 2 datamine reveals cut content including a boar hunting scene and playable dance sequence

The Last of Us 2 Ellie and Dina dancing © Provided by GamesRadar The Last of Us 2 Ellie and Dina dancing

A new The Last of Us 2 datamine has revealed some cut content from the game, including a boar hunting and playable dance scene. 

YouTuber Speclizer - with help from fellow The Last of Us content creator Angel-gbc - has shared a new video to their channel that shows cut content from The Last of Us 2. According to the video, the post-apocalyptic sequel was originally supposed to have a scene where Ellie is hunting a boar on her and Dina’s farm and a playable dance scene during the Jackson portion of the game. 

In the video, we get to see a model of Ellie that, in the final version of the game, appears during the last few hours of The Last of Us 2. According to Speclizer, this model was going to be used for the boar hunting section of the game, but as we now know was replaced by a slightly different version of Ellie with her hair tied back. 

We also get to see an early prototype of Jackson in the video which, as to be expected with early development, is very bare-bones. There are several locations that can still be made out though including what looks like a crop-growing area, an early version of the park where Ellie and Dina have a snowball fight, and the hall where the dance is held. The latter is supposedly where there was supposed to be a playable dance sequence in an early version of The Last of Us 2. 

To shed more light on the cut content, Speclizer also included a snippet of the Relater - Troy Baker podcast where Baker - best known as Joel in The Last of Us - and the game’s director Neil Druckmann discuss the cut boar hunting content. 

According to Druckmann, the boar hunting sequence was 'there almost all the way to the end' so much so that it was apparently playable at one point. Druckmann explains that the idea of this part of the game was to show how '[Ellie] couldn’t let go of the killing' after the main events of The Last of Us 2, but was cut due to 'pacing and production.'

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