The Last of Us, TV series: images show what the city of Jackson will be like

The Last of Us, TV series: images show what the city of Jackson will be like

The Last of Us, TV series

Through an information leak dedicated to HBO's The Last of Us TV series, we have the opportunity to see how the show will recreate Jackson, one of the cities that will appear in the program.

Precisely, it is a series of images shown through a PowerPoint to the Council of Canmore, the Canadian city that will host the filming of The Last of Us dedicated to Jackson. The images are quality artworks, showing the city submerged by snow during the Christmas period. The style of the settlement is the same as seen within The Last of Us 2.

Along with these images, a video of the Canmore board meeting was shared on YouTube. The video has been removed, but some users who were able to see it in time shared information. For example, we know that Jackson's part will appear in episode 7. This means there will be three more episodes before the end of the series. It is therefore possible that the show will end with the university phase, well known to fans.

For the moment this is what we know. We can however see Joel, Ellie and Tess on video from the set.

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The Last of Us series’ newest character might have just been revealed thanks to social media

a person holding a wine glass: The Last of Us © Provided by GamesRadar The Last of Us

The Last of Us series could be adding yet another original character to its cast according to an actor’s social media bio.

As spotted on Natasha Mumba’s Instagram account (H/T Screen Rant), the Y: The Last Man actor will apparently be playing Kim Tembo in the upcoming HBO show. Nothing has been officially confirmed as of writing, however, so we should still take this casting with a pinch of salt.

Don’t bother racking your memories – or save files – for any intel on the new inclusion. If confirmed, Kim Tembo would be a completely original character not seen in either The Last of Us or its sequel.

That, of course, has set the community abuzz. Those on The Last of Us’ subreddit have theories ranging from having ties to the ill-fated Henry and Sam to being a more fleshed-out Firefly from the games.

Either way, The Last of Us is dead set on fleshing out the game’s original story with unfamiliar elements. Another actor has also confirmed he’s playing a character, which IMDb has listed as the brand-new 'Mr. Adler.'

It seems The Last of Us series will be going off the beaten path on HBO and is set to expand on the game’s classic journey that sees survivors Joel and Ellie head west across a Clicker-infested landscape.

One recent set photo, though, looks familiar enough: Ellie (Bella Ramsay), Joel (Pedro Pascal), and Tess (Anna Torv) are facing down a whole lot of fungus. Gross.

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